Lloyd and Bernice are a near-blind couple who appear in the Furrball Follies episode segment, K-9 Kitty. They are voiced by Jeff Altman and Tress MacNeille, Respectively.


Lloyd is shown to be a fat near-blind man with brown hair, who wears a light grey hat with a black stripe around it, with a blue-green shirt, brown pants and black shoes. Bernice is shown to be a thin near-blind woman with light brown hair, who wears matching blue earrings and a necklace, with a light purple shirt, a dark purple skirt and black high heels. After they get their new glasses, Lloyd wears black circle glasses and Bernice wears white glasses.


They first appear in K-9 Kitty, when Furrball encounters them after they keep bumping into things, the reason why they keep bumping into thing is because Lloyd accidentally dropped his and Bernice's glasses down the garbage disposal. They have ordered two new pairs, but it will be a while before they are delivered, so they decide to get a seeing-eye dog until they are delivered. Furrball sees this as a chance to finally get a better home, so he begins acting like a dog and the couple decide to take him home. Upon getting to the house, Lloyd and Bernice tell Furrball that they have one rule in the house; never let a cat in the house, as the couple despises cats, which is a problem for Furrball, as he is a cat, Thankfully, since Lloyd and Bernice are near-blind, he is safe. Later, when the The Alley Cats sneak in the back door of the kitchen, Lloyd tells Furrball to attack them, even threatening him to find a new home if he fails. When the Bow-tied Bully Alley Cat somehow manages to sneak into the house and tries to eat Furrball's sandwich, Lloyd comes into the kitchen to get a glass of water. The Bow-tied Bully Alley cat disguises himself as a cat clock, which Lloyd thinks the time on it is wrong. Lloyd plugs the cat's tail into an electrical outlet and the cat gets electrocuted. Near the end as Furrball is finally about to eat his sandwich, he hears the doorbell and discovers that the new pairs of glasses that Lloyd and Bernice had ordered earlier have finally arrived. After putting them on, they see that Furrball is a cat, and kick him out the house. When Bernice wonders what happened to their dog, they didn't realize that Furrball was pretending to be their dog.

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