Tiny Toon Adventures
Life in the 90s
Season 1, Episode 15
"Chill, Man!"
Air date 17 October 1990
Written by Paul Dini, Bob Carrau, Jim Reardon, Sherri Stoner, Tom Ruegger
Directed by Rich Arons
Gag credit Mystery Credit
End tag Buster: "And that's a wrap!"
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Life in the 90s is the fifteenth episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Buster dresses in a black leather jacket and tells the viewers that it's the 90's now. He tells them that once you start a trend, everyone will start to copy you. The statement is confirmed when both Plucky and Hamton arrive to stand alongside Buster wearing the same black jackets. He claims, "I don't do things just because everyone thinks it's cool, I'm an individual!" but he is shown eating a carrot alongside Bugs Bunny.

In the third act, Buster tells the viewers that as cool as the 90's get, there are some trends that will never catch on, such as the edible hula hoop (a giant donut), live hyena wrestling, and smoking.

Episode Segments

Whining Out

Hamton and his friends, Buster, Babs and Plucky, go to a fancy and snotty restaurant; Attitude, where they get treated poorly by the staff. They wait in a long line and Buster starts to complain. He prefers Weenie Burger, as they never had to wait for their food there, but Hamton says that Attitude is the "most exclusive restaurant" in Acme Acres. Abraham Lincoln gets out of his car, and the rest of the people waiting in line leave when Buster yells out that someone's Beamer is on fire in the parking lot. They go in the restaurant, and the snobby host says that it takes 3 years to get into Attitude, but Hamton made the reservation only 2 years ago. Buster notices a customer bribe the host, so he takes a leaf from a plant and puts it in the host's hand. The host, believing it was money, leads them to a "special" spot in the back near a dumpster, and Plucky thinks that it is where the celebrities sit, until a rat grabs their bread from the table. They force themselves back inside using their table, and have to literally chain up a waiter to get some service. When he escapes, Babs dresses like Cher, fooling every waiter in the store who immediately takes their order. Their main courses consist of what appears as just a speck on the plate (Hamton's is a tiny, stale piece of cheese with gravy). Hamton loses his temper, and Buster and Plucky have to tie him up to calm him down. They get the bill which is outrageous and way beyond their ability to pay, so they decide to leave, using Montana Max's student ID to pay for it as they flee. Finally they relax and chat as they go eat "real food" at Weenie Burger.

Paper Trained

Buster gets a job as newspaper delivery boy, and tosses newspapers to various houses. His aim isn't perfect, and breaks various windows. When he delivers Dizzy's newspaper, it lands in Dizzy's mouth. Dizzy finds the newspaper delicious and also eats Hamton's, Elmyra's, and Plucky's. Plucky gets his newspaper out of Dizzy's mouth and eats it himself.

When Buster arrives at Montana Max's mansion, he remembers that Monty hasn't paid for his subscription since 1985. He wants Monty to pay him the two dollars he owes, but being the rich brat he is, Monty refuses to pay. Buster keeps popping up to collect from him, and Monty tries to hide, but Buster finds him every time. Monty traps Buster in his mansion and destroys it, then runs off to his Savings and Loan Bank. He hides in the vault, whose only inhabitant is Byron Basset. Monty is relieved, until Buster reveals it was him disguised as Byron, which causes Monty to break down and literally cry like a baby. Unable to escape from Buster, Monty finally pays off his subscription, and Buster gives him the latest newspaper issue. Monty reads that his funds have been bankrupted, leaving him with only two dollars (the very two dollars he gave Buster for the paper), which causes him to go crazy. The next morning the daily paper headlines the story of Monty ending up in a mental hospital. Buster, who was reading that same paper, ends the cartoon with the moral of the story, "It's better to wear a pouch than a straightjacket!" As he has said so, he actually wears it as a one-piece outfit (even covering his feet).

Butt Out

Babs wins a free certificate to Le Trendy Dessertery, an ice cream restaurant. Babs gets a spot in the No Smoking section and orders a carrot sundae, but before she starts to eat her ice cream, the heavy smoke from Roderick and Rhubella Rat's table interrupts her from eating by nearly suffocating her. Roderick and Rhubella are smoking, and Babs tells them that they are in the No Smoking section. They refuse to listen to her and insult her. After Babs insults Rhubella back, they refuse to stop, and follow her from table to table with heavy clouds of smoke.

Through extravagant means, Babs teaches them the dangers of smoking by posing as a snake charmer. She causes the smoke to choke them, then poses as a doctor to tell them that their lungs are in horrible condition. She performs oxygen therapy, using helium. The helium inflates the rats and they deflate, leading them outside the restaurant.

Babs is just about to have her sundae, but the rats return, still smoking. They think their lungs are cleared up, and they say that they don't want to give up smoking. Babs overhears them and dresses as a therapist, telling them that they are addicts. She also tells them that smoking causes premature aging of the skin. She uses a tank with hammer to whack the rats and then stuffs sticks of dynamite disguised as cigarettes into their mouths before blowing them up. Under so much pain, the rats quit as they leave and Babs finally gets to eat her ice cream, but as she tries to take the first lick, it unfortunately melts away.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Roderick Rat
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Rhubella Rat
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil


  • Buster: "This is ridculous. We've been waiting in line for an hour to have dinner. Why don't we go to Weenie Burger like we always do?"
Hamton: "But Buster, this is the most exclusive restaurant in Acme Acres. I've been dying to eat here!"
Buster (with his stomach rumbling): "You probably will die of starvation."
  • Babs (Singing as Cher): "They say we're poor and can't pay the bill. I say we still got bellies to fill."
  • Dizzy Devil: (Eating the newspaper) "Mmm. Sports section. My favorite."
  • Jeeves: "Your hot chocolate, sir."
Monty: "Put it over there, Jeeves. You may clean out the stables now."
Jeeves: "Yes, sir."
Monty: "Do a good job, and next year, I'll buy you a shovel."
  • Babs: "Now, this is simply an opinion, but CIGARETTES ARE GROSS!"
  • Babs (to Rhubella): "Nice outfit, Rhubella. Didn't they have it in your size?"
  • Babs: "Denial is the first response of an addict."
Roderick: "I'm no addict!"
Babs: "You see what I mean? Ah! I believe this Young Lady used to be quite Attractive."
Rhubella: "What do You mean 'Used to be'?"


  • In the episode segment "Whining Out", Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US President, appears twice. The first time he is shown is when he gets out of his car, which causes the mob to leave. The second time he is shown is when Buster and his friends choose to eat at Weenie Burger instead of Attitude.
  • In the episode segment "Whining Out", Babs Bunny dresses up like Cher.
  • Babs' song at the beginning of "Butt Out" is a parody of "Ain't She Sweet", which is unusual because the melody is owned by Warner Bros., but is not used.
  • In the episode segment "Butt Out", as a doctor, Babs imitates Joan Rivers.
  • In the segment "Paper Trained", Buster wanting his two dollars from Monty is a reference to the movie Better Off Dead.


  • The episode segment, Butt Out marks the debut appearances of Roderick and Rhubella Rat. In their later appearances, they attend Perfecto Prep, the rival school of Acme Looniversity.
  • In the episode segment Butt Out, inside Le Trendy Desserterie, there are various props from the Looney Tunes shorts, such as Porky's Plane, Bugs' Carrot, Elmer's Rifle, Roadrunner's Boulder and Porky's drum.


  • To read the transcript of the episode, click here.


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