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This article is of a cast or crew member who worked on Tiny Toon Adventures who is still living to this day, and is written from a real-world perspective.

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Katherine Elaine "Kath" Soucie (born February 20, 1967) is an American voice actress.

Over the years of voice acting, she is best known to voice such characters as Linka from Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Sally Acorn from Sonic the Hedgehog, Janine Melnitz from The Real Ghostbusters, Dexter's Mom from Dexter's Laboratory, Maddie Fenton from Danny Phantom, and Phil, Lil, and Betty DeVille from Rugrats.

She is also known to voice such characters as Fifi La Fume, Li'l Sneezer, and various others on Tiny Toon Adventures.


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