Jules is the pet dog of Queen Elmyra who appears in the Brave Tales of Real Rabbits double-length episode segment, And All that Rot. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


Jules is, as described by Queen Elmyra, "an orange dog with a little red collar".


Before the episode starts, Queen Elmyra lost Jules near the streets of South Marie and hired Buster as Brainy Domes and Babs as Flotsam to find him, promising Domes Knighthood if he succeeds. However, Domes believes that she meant, "Jewels" as in the Queen's Jewelry. While at the docks looking for the Jewels, Jules was spotted, However, since Domes and Flotsam didn't know that the Jules they are looking for is the dog, Domes told the dog to leave. He later appeared again at the hideout of Montana Max as Montiarity where his bark surprises Domes and he licks his face, meaning that he likes him. Domes does not want to be upstaged by him, and puts him in a garbage barrel outside the hideout. He appears one last time at the bottom of Heath Cliff where he followed them during the chase. Tired of him following him, Domes mails Jules to the Middle of Nowhere in Alaska and heads to the Queen's palace. Unfortunately, when Domes showed the Jewels to the Queen, she informs him that Jules is the name of her dog and that she was looking for him, not jewelry. After learning about that, Domes and Flotsam travel to the Middle of Nowhere in Alaska where Domes begins his search for the lost dog.

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