Jiminy Cockroach

Jiminy Cockroach is a minor character from Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears briefly in the Toon Physics episode segment, Once Upon a Star. He is voiced by Joe Alaskey.


Jiminy Cockroach is a green cockroach with a black suit and top hat.


After Elmyra wishes that her Barbette doll were real, Jiminy comes out and begins to sing a song (similar to When You Wish Upon a Star), but before he can finish his song, he is squashed by Elmyra, who repeatedly squashes him until he falls off the window unconsciously.


  • Jiminy Cockroach is a parody of Jiminy Cricket, who acts as Pinnochio's concience in the 1940 Disney film, Pinnochio. To this day, Jiminy Cricket is one of the many beloved mascots of The Walt Disney Company.


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