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The Jackster is a villain who appears in the Inside Plucky Duck episode segment, Bat's All Folks. He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


The Jackster is a white-skinned Donkey with green hair combed back, red lips, and wears a purple suit, black shoes, and a yellow flower on his suit.


The Jackster was first seen when Batduck said his name as well as the names of the other villains in a frightened tone. When asked his evil plan, he answered that he and the other villains were planing to get rid of him so that everybody would buy their T-shirts for $29.99 (same as Batduck's T-Shirt). After both The Puffin and Question Mark were defeated by Batduck, Jackster tried to shot both Batduck and Decoy with his deadly flower, only to miss Batduck, in which afterward he was given a falcon punch by Batduck. Later, he and the other Villains were crushed by the Giant Baby doll and arrested afterwards.


  • The Jackster is a parody of The Joker, one of the main antagonists of the Batman series.