Two Instant Martians

Instant Martians are characters from Looney Tunes who make minor appearances in Tiny Toon Adventures. They are experiments of Marvin the Martian.


The Instant Martians appear in the episode, Hog Wild Hamton, in one of Plucky's daydream sequences. In this sequence concocted by Plucky, the Instant Martians arrive at Hamton's door and take them to their spaceship by force. They do odd experiments on them (including switching around their body parts) and then release them. On their take-off (directly above Hamton's home), they accidentally destroy the home. They are thought up by Plucky as an excuse (to tell Hamton's parents when they arrive back from their second honeymoon) for the real reason of the house being completely obliterated by his neighbor, Egghead Jr. (for throwing a loud and reckless party and rudely disregarding Egghead Jr.'s notes on keeping it quiet so that he can concentrate on his work).

An Instant Martian also appears in What Makes Toons Tick, in the segment Nothing to Sneeze At, where he is a closet monster looking for work.


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