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Tiny Toon Adventures
Inside Plucky Duck
Season 1, Episode 39
Buster and Babs take a tour inside Plucky through Calamity's mini-sub
Air date 15 November 1990
Written by Paul Dini, Buzz Dixon
Directed by Art Vitello
Gag credit Great Haircut - Alfred Gimeno
With a tip of the bat to the works of Bob Kane, Frank Miller, and D.C. Comics. Batman,™, and © copyright 1990 D.C. Comics, Inc.
End tag Plucky: "Parting is such sweet sorrow!"
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Inside Plucky Duck is the thirty-ninth episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Buster Bunny is at his burrow, ready to introduce the show, pulling out Plucky Duck disguised as Babs. The real Babs arrives, outraged, and Buster suddenly notices Plucky's disguise. He then asks Plucky what he's doing here. Plucky tells him that he is outraged that he is not in today's episode. As Plucky rants, Buster tells the animator, "Freeze it!' and Plucky is frozen in a pose. He then asks the viewers if they ever wondered what makes Plucky tick. Babs is about to answer, "no", but Buster interrupts her and tells her to say "yes". Babs reluctantly says, "yes", and Buster pushes up the background of his burrow to reveal Calamity Coyote's secret laboratory. Thanks to Calamity's Acme Brain Scan-o-meter, they can enter Plucky's head to see his mind in action. Buster, Babs, and Calamity board a floating mini-sub and Calamity shrinks it. While Plucky is still in his frozen state, they enter his head and find the most highly developed nerve impulse in Plucky's body, his greed center. They pass by his imagination, were all his dreams and fantasies are stored, and suddenly come across one of his embarrassingly egotistical dreams of glory. They stop at what appears to be a drive-in showing the first cartoon (complete with many other mini-subs parked to watch).

In the third act, Buster, Babs, and Calamity delve deeper into the mind of Plucky Duck to find his jealous side, his competitive side, and a totally unexplored region, his humble side. Buster mentions that they should look out when they all get together.


Bat's All Folks

In a parody of the 1989 Tim Burton film Batman, Plucky narrates how he, as Spruce Vain (a parody of Batman's secret identity, Bruce Wayne), devoted his life to fighting crime. As he is working on a potion in his secret laboratory, he tells the voice-over to knock it off. The voice-over apologizes as Plucky continues to mix his potion, which ends up exploding in his face.

Plucky's voice-over then tells the viewers he trained his body to have super-human strength, then shows himself lifting weights, only to have them fall on his feet.

Plucky's voice-over then tells the viewers he was almost ready to begin his quest. Since criminals are vicious but cowardly, he decided he must disguise himself as something terrifying to strike fear into the their hearts. Something gruesome, hideous, and able to market on a t-shirt to make lots of money. As he reads though a book entitled, Wonderful World of Animals, he has a tough time deciding what he should be, and a bat flies by him, pestering him. Plucky decides on a duck, but then he denies, saying that disguise would be too obvious. The bat returns and hits Plucky on the head with a baseball bat. This gives Plucky the idea to disguise himself as a bat. He returns, dressed as a baseball bat, then decides his costume needs a little work.

Plucky's voice-over then tells the viewers that his costumes and crime-fighting techniques went through many changes. In Plucky's first attempt, he had a grey and blue costume with a long cape, and as he tried to stop a criminal who was breaking into a building, the criminal blew at him, blowing him off the building.

In Plucky's second attempt, he shortened his cape and invested in some cool sound effects. As Plucky fought the criminals, with various flash words appearing on the screen, he confronted a villain with a star for a head. Unfortunately, the villain used the P from KA-POW! to knock Plucky out.

Seeking to project a more threatening image, Plucky's third attempt was with a costume with inflatable muscles and one-liners. As he tries to stop a criminal, the criminal pokes his costume with a needle and deflates it. Plucky then tells the viewers, "And the worst part is, it's a rental!"

Plucky's fourth costume is more like Batman's current one, as it has a grey and black color scheme. With his perfected costume, he decides that all he needs is a sidekick. Hamton becomes Batduck's sidekick, Decoy the Pig Hostage (A parody of Robin the Boy Wonder, Batman's sidekick). He then asks Plucky if it would be pointless to discuss retirement benefits.

Plucky's voice-over then tells the viewers that his and Hamton's secret identities (a parody of Batman and Robin's secret identities, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson) were known only by their trusted maid, Alfmyra (a parody of Alfred the Butler). As Alfmyra is cleaning, the phone rings, but she is too stupid to answer it. Plucky yells at Alfmyra to answer the phone, which she does, nearly giving away their secret identities. Plucky snatches the phone from her and tells her to dust the Atomic Reactor, making sure to test all the buttons. As Alfmyra leaves, the Commissioner tells Plucky that there is a break-in at the museum of really silly props. He and Hamton rush off to the Duck Cave, only to find the Duck Poles leading to them missing. Alfmyra tells them she sent the poles out to be waxed. When Plucky and Hamton reach the bottom, Plucky tells Hamton to remind him to fire Alfmyra. They, now in their Batduck and Decoy disguises, rush off to the BatduckMoblie, which Plucky mentions to the viewers that he bought with the money he made selling Duck t-shirts. Hamton inserts a quarter, which starts up the BatduckMobile. The camera cuts to what looks like the BatduckMobile speeding down the road, then zooms out to reveal it is really Hamton playing a video game. The BatduckMobile, unfortunately, is stuck in slow-moving traffic.

Plucky's voice-over tells the viewers that he and Hamton made their way to the rooftop of the Acme Acres Museum of Really Silly Props. Plucky then mentions to Hamton that there are two criminals guarding the rooftop below. He then fires a grappling gun, which sticks to the chimney of the rooftop below, and tells Hamton to swing down and take them out with a Bat-boomer grenade. As he sends Hamton down, he decides to take cover from the all-concealing shadows, where it's safe. Hamton swings down and smacks into the chimney. The criminals capture Hamton and decide to hold him hostage. They then toss the Bat-boomer into the all-concealing shadows, where it explodes on Plucky. Plucky then tells the viewers to stay tuned after the commercial break for the second act.

In the second act, the narrator mentions that Baduck was plummeting to the rescue. Plucky breaks into the Museum and finds Hamton being held hostage. He then tells the criminals to show themselves. The lights turn on and he finds all the criminals gathered round, including Jackster (a parody of The Joker), The Puffin (a parody of The Penguin), Question Mark (a parody of The Riddler), and Polecat Woman (a parody of Catwoman). He then asks the criminals what their motivation is for holding Hamton hostage. Jackster mentions that once they defeat Plucky, they will be able to sell their T-shirts. Plucky decides the only thing to do in this situation is to grab Hamton and run. As Plucky runs through the museum, passing many oversized objects, he tries to hide out in a giant bowling ball on a giant bowling alley lane. The Puffin chases him into the giant bowling ball, but Plucky escapes, and climbs on top of the giant bowling ball, running on it to bowl a perfect strike. He asks, "How's them apples?", but then he gets hit by the giant mechanism that knocks him into a giant toy warehouse. He then says, "Actually, them apples are rather sour", as Question Mark shows up to ask him a question, and hit him with a mallet if he gives the wrong answer. Question Mark's question is, "How can you tell if an Elephant's been in your bed?" Plucky asks Question Mark, "African Elephant or Indian?", and Question Mark replies with, "Gee, I don't know." Plucky then knocks him out with an extendable boxing glove. Jackster then tells Plucky, "Cute gag, Duck-o. Got one of my own!", demonstrating his acid-spitting squirting flower. Plucky dodges the acid and punches Jackster. He then tells Jackster that his squirting flower is too predictable, and laughs while telling Hamton how he punched Jackster. Hamton, unfortunately, has been hit by the acid. Plucky decides to wrap up the case, taking a Duck-a-rang out from his utility belt. He tosses it, and it hits a giant domino, setting off a chain reaction until it knocks over a giant baby doll, flattening the criminals standing just below it. The police arrives, and Plucky tells the criminals the Commissioner will be there to arrest them. He then tosses Hamton out the window and ups out himself. Hamton is scared, but Plucky tells him he has everything well in hand. He takes various items out of his utility belt before he eventually finds the grappling gun, and shoots it at a gargoyle. He and Hamton stop just before they hit the road, only to be run over a second later by a bus, driven by Alfmyra, who tells the viewers that another thrilling adventure of Batduck is coming soon. Plucky, sticking to the grill of the bus, tells Hamton he really has to fire Alfmyra.

Wild Takes Class

Bugs Bunny is teaching Basic Wild Takes Class, so that the students of Acme Looniversity can be famous cartoon stars like him. Plucky is unimpressed, but Buster wants to learn everything Bugs teaches him. Plucky then calls Buster a "Teacher's Pet". Bugs then tells the class that wild takes are how cartoons express surprise, confusion, anger, and many other feelings. Plucky is unimpressed by Bugs' basic takes, and mocks him, which Buster finds insulting and knocks him out with a book. As Bugs' class ends, he tells the students to practice their wild takes for next week's pop quiz.

Out in the halls, Buster is impressed by Bugs' basic techniques and calls him a teacher who makes learning fun. Plucky, however, thinks Bugs' basic techniques are kids' stuff, and overhears Daffy in his class, demonstrating his advanced techniques. Plucky tells Buster that Daffy is a take master, but Buster tells Plucky that Daffy teaches advanced techniques. However, Plucky believes that the fact that Daffy teaches the advanced class in the first place is because Daffy has more skill than Bugs, then tells Buster he has secretly been practicing some of Daffy's advanced techniques. Buster tells Plucky he doesn't think that's a good idea, as Bugs told his class they have to learn the basic techniques before moving on to the advanced ones. Plucky ignores Buster and tells him he's going to do Daffy's advanced techniques whether Buster likes it or not. Plucky then performs the Clampett Corneal Catastrophe as his grand finale, which leaves him as a giant eyeball with legs. Buster is both impressed and nauseated by Plucky's attempt at Daffy's advanced techniques, but then tells Plucky that he should stop now. Plucky is determined to prove he is better at doing wild takes than Bugs ever was, but he is stuck as a giant eyeball. Buster asks Plucky if he is stuck, which Plucky denies. Buster tells Plucky he is stuck and offers to help. He pulls an eyelash, only to find it has no effect. Plucky blames Bugs for forcing him to do the basic techniques, but Buster says otherwise.

At the nurse's office, Elmyra Duff pulls out a scalpel and uses it to make a paper doll. Buster tries to get Plucky, who is stuck in the door, into the nurse's office. He backs up, then speeds toward Plucky, pushing him into the nurse's office, where he bounces around the room, and stops himself just before he hits Elmyra's scalpel. Elmyra finds Plucky as a giant eyeball cute, as Buster tells her that Plucky got stuck during one of his wild takes. He asks her if she can help him, and Elmyra decides to hug and squeeze Plucky until he is back to normal. After doing some research in a book entitled Cartoon Trauma, Buster tells Plucky that wild takes go away when the take-ee has calmed down. Buster then mentions to the viewers that it may take a while for Plucky to be calm.

Buster rolls Plucky down the sidewalk, reminding him to stay calm if wants to return to normal. Plucky then tells Buster to stop, as he has something in his eye. Buster stops and finds Dizzy Devil stuck to Plucky. Buster then peels Dizzy off and apologizes for what happened. Dizzy says, "Me got eye strain," and walks away dizzily. Plucky then remarks, "You got eye strain?" Buster and Plucky then hear Babs calling for Buster, and Plucky suddenly worries that if Babs sees him, she'll never let him live it down. Buster tells Plucky to act normal, which as a giant eyeball, Plucky doesn't find easy. As Babs passes by, Buster bounces on Plucky as if he were a trampoline. When Babs asks what Buster is bouncing on, Plucky reveals himself as a giant eyeball to Babs. Babs laughs at Plucky, who angrily asks her why she's here. Buster then tells Babs to stop, as Plucky's had a hard day. She then tells them, "'Eye' just can't help myself!" Buster then asks Babs what she originally was going to say to them. Babs tells them that today is Class Picture Day. As Babs leaves, Plucky decides to give up and go home. Buster tells Plucky he can't miss the class picture, but Plucky is determined not to look like a giant eyeball in his photo. Buster tells Plucky to think of his giant eyeball like a bad haircut, and that the yearbook won't be the same without him. Plucky decides that he would rather bounce home and forget this day ever happened. Buster pleads for Plucky to reconsider, and grabs his legs as Plucky tries to go home. Plucky then falls over and bounces his way back to Acme Looniversity. Buster tells Plucky to hang on, and runs after him. He grabs Plucky's leg, and they bounce all over Acme Looniversity, first through the teacher's lounge, where Bugs asks Daffy if he has the feeling they're being watched, then through the hallway floors, which have been recently waxed by Pete Puma. Inside the auditorium, the photographer is about to take a picture of Montana Max, Furrball, Dizzy, Calamity, Concord, Hamton, and Fifi together, when Plucky and Buster bounce into the room and get caught in the camera's flash. Plucky then reverts to normal, and asks Buster if he's okay. Buster sarcastically responds, "Sure, never better." After gloating, Buster decides to leave, as being normal is all that should matter for Plucky. Plucky reluctantly apologizes to Buster for being a jerk and asks what Buster should do if he ever calls him "Teacher's Pet" again. Buster thinks an appropriate punishment for Plucky would be for him to saw off his legs and use him as a pillow stuffing, but Plucky protests. The photographer decides to take Buster's picture, and as Buster poses, Plucky barges in and overtakes the photo.

Buster, Babs, and Calamity exit Plucky's mind and revert the sub to its original size. Buster concludes the trip and asks Calamity to unfreeze Plucky. As Plucky continues his rant, Buster and Babs leave, and he asks them why they're leaving. Buster mentions the show's over, and Plucky wonder's why it's over so soon. He then rants that all he got in the episode was a walk-on, and tells the viewers that his agent will hear of this. Elmyra arrives and asks Plucky, "You rang?", and Plucky then says to remind him to fire her.


  • "Bat's All Folks" is a parody of the 1989 Tim Burton film Batman.
  • "Bat's All Folks" was written by Paul Dini with help from Bruce Timm, the two driving forces behind the DC animated universe.
  • In "Bat's All Folks", Plucky mentions that Spiders and Mutant Ninja Tortoises are already taken as fearsome animals. These are obvious references to Spider-Man and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • In "Bat's All Folks", Plucky and Question Mark's dialogue is similar to that of King Arthur and the Keeper of the Bridge of Death in the classic 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • In "Bat's All Folks, despite it being a parody of Tim Burton's Batman, the villains resemble those from the 1966 Batman movie and Plucky's costume resembles the outfit from Batman: The Animated Series.
  • The Batsuits that Batduck wears resemble the outfits from the original Batman comics, TV series and movies. The first Batduck costume resembles the first appearance outfit from Detective Comics #27 from 1939. The second Batduck costume resembles the late Adam West outfit from the campy 1966 TV series. The third Batsuit resembles the Dark Knight Returns outfit from 1986.
  • The wraparounds are a parody of the film Fantastic Voyage.
  • The reveal of the villains is an homage to the villain reveal in "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery".


  • In "Wild Takes Class", Furrball is outside looking at the school pictures, and is in Bugs' class at the same time.
  • Each of the wild takes done in "Wild Takes Class" are named after animation directors as these were their trademarks: the Avery Aaoogah named after Tex Avery, the Friz Frizzle named after Friz Freleng, the Chuck Out of Luck after Chuck Jones, and the Clampett Cornea after Bob Clampett.
  • On Hulu, the "Back to the Show" card is removed.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Question Mark, Additional Voices
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil, Jackster
Jeff Bergman Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck


  • Plucky: "Yeesh! That rabbit's got an ego the size of Montana, and I don't mean Max!"
Buster: "Shh! I want to hear this!"
Plucky: "You would. Teacher's pet."
  • (Repeated line about Elmyra)
Plucky: "Remind me to fire her."


  • To read the transcript for this episode, click here.


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