Hugo the Abominable Snowman with Daffy Duck

Hugo the Abominable Snowman is a character from Looney Tunes who makes a one-time appearance on Tiny Toon Adventures. While he does not specifically have his own Tiny Toon counterpart, his love for animals but inadvertent abuse to them became a major part of Elmyra Duff's personality.

Appearance on Tiny Toon Adventures

Hugo was voiced by Joe Alaskey on Tiny Toon Adventures.

Hugo makes a brief appearance in the What Makes Toons Tick episode segment, Nothing to Sneeze At, where he is one of the closet monsters looking for work. He sympathizes with Oogie when he loses his job as Hamton's closet monster, as Hamton no longer believes in him. He tells him, "It's a changing world", as he and many of the other monsters have lost their jobs as well. When an opening for a closet monster job is announced, all the other monsters are excited, until they find out the victim is Li'l Sneezer. Hugo says, "Run for your life!" just before he and the other monsters run away in fear. Oogie takes the job, as he has never met Sneezer before.


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