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Hubie and Bertie with Claude Cat in Looney Tunes.

Hubie and Bertie are animated cartoon mouse characters in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. Chuck Jones introduced Hubie and Bertie in the short, The Aristo-cat, first released on June 19, 1943.

Appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures

Hubie and Bertie appear in the The Wheel O' Comedy episode segment, Devil Doggie, as caged pets of Elmyra. They try to break out of their cage by using nail files on the bars, but Elmyra and her new "pet," Dizzy, return before they can. She tells Dizzy that Hubie and Bertie are his new playmates, as he promptly tries to eat them, cage and all. Elmyra pulls the caged mice from Dizzy's hands just in time, as she saves their lives and causes the young Tasmanian devil to bite his own hands instead.

In the You Asked for It Again episode segment, Elmyra at the Mall, Hubie and Bertie are inside a cage at the Acme Mall pet store being sold as pets, as Elmyra enters and terrifies them when she opens their cage and grabs them from it. She places them into a cage with a snake and tells them to have fun, as the mouse pair are more terrified than ever when the snake tries to eat them. They run to a feeding trough and open the cage door to enter, as they slam the door behind them and are able to relax from danger. Elmyra returns to the snake's cage when she is planning on "marrying" two of the animals, suggesting that the mice can be the bridesmaids. At first it appears the snake has eaten them, as it has two large lumps inside of it from eating two separate objects, but Hubie and Bertie are then quickly shown gasping at Elmyra's comment from inside the feeding trough.


  • In Elmyra at the Mall, Hubie and Bertie are shown as common-looking cartoon mice and do not have their trademark appearances until they run into the feeding trough.


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