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Tiny Toon Adventures
How Sweetie It Is
Season 1, Episode 60
Sweetie presenting her contract to Buster and Babs
Air date 19 February 1991
Written by Sherri Stoner, Nicholas Hollander, Paul Dini
Directed by Ken Boyer, Art Leonardi
Gag credit A Tiny Toons salute to - Friz Freleng
End tag Furrball - "ROAR! Meow!"
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How Sweetie It Is is the 60th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Buster begins the show dressed as a knight attempting to rescue Babs from a dragon. Sweetie Bird arrives, outraged that she is so underused. Buster and Babs realize they haven't been giving her a lot of attention and decides to give her her own episode. Sweetie introduces the first episode segment about her being adopted by a bald eagle.

In the second act, Sweetie advertises her new line of products, such as action figures, cereal, books, and pasta sauce. She introduces the next cartoon about her encounter with Furrball.

In the third act, Sweetie becomes a director, complete with an impersonated British accent. She decides the last episode segment of the day will be a parody of Edgar Allen Poe's classic poem, The Raven.


Egged On Eagle

A tired stork is unable to deliver Sweetie's egg to its proper address, so he drops it off in the nest of a bald eagle who has a defeathered scalp. The eagle notices the egg in his nest, but realizes he isn't married. He decides to be a single father. Both he and Sweetie are shocked when they see each other. The eagle decides to teach Sweetie how to be an eagle.

The first thing the eagle teaches Sweetie to do is to fly. He is unimpressed by her attempt and tells her she has to spread her wings. Unfortunately, he doesn't look where he is going and crashes into a cliff.

The second thing the eagle teaches Sweetie is how to catch food. Sweetie tries to catch worms, but the eagle tells her that eagles eat salmon. In his first attempt to catch a salmon, he is swallowed by it. In his second attempt, he tries to snatch a salmon from a grizzly bear, but the grizzly bear mauls him.

That night, the eagle teaches Sweetie how to celebrate the Fourth of July. He gives her a sparkler and does some heroic poses. She accidentally sets a rocket off and it hits him. She then asks him what holiday they will celebrate next. He tells her, "Thanksgiving, and I'm the turkey!" as he is now defeathered and burnt.

Let's Do Lunch

Elmyra Duff notices Furrball out on the street. She decides to give him a home with a nice warm bed in front of the fireplace, and feed him all-white tuna. All Furrball has to do is leave Sweetie alone. If he attempts to eat her, he is evicted from the house. Sweetie doesn't like Furrball, as she thinks he is going to eat her. Furrball, however, is minding his own business. When a single flicker of fire hits his tail, he bumps into the table where Sweetie's cage is. As soon as she lands in his mouth, he spits her out.

Throughout the cartoon, Sweetie tries to get Furrball to eat her so that he will be evicted from Elmyra's house, with little success. Sweetie decides to give up, until Tweety tells her that cats have less than average intelligence. If she tells cats to do something, they won't do it. She has to tease and taunt Furrball in order to get him to eat her.

When Sweetie catches Furrball sneaking Acme Kitty Kibbles, she tosses the box out the window. The window shuts and she traps Furrball in her cage, taunting him. Outraged, he eats her and Elmyra evicts him from her house. Sweetie is finally happy, but she is also hungry, so she tries to eat Bookworm. Elmyra catches her and evicts her. She tosses her out the door and she lands in Furrball's mouth. Furrball spits her out.

The Raven

In a parody of Edgar Allan Poe's classic poem "The Raven", Sweetie takes the role of the raven. She tries to take shelter in Edgar's house, as it is too cold outside.

Sweetie, finally satisfied that she has a whole episode of her own, leaves. Buster and Babs decide to continue the show like always. Unfortunately, a lot of other bit players in the show tell them that they are unfair, and rant while holding up picket signs.


  • "The Raven" parodies Edgar Allen Poe's classic 1845 poem "The Raven".
  • In "The Raven", the chocolates are Tell Tale Heart brand. "The Tell-Tale Heart" is an 1843 short story that Poe also wrote.
  • The gag credit references the late Isadore "Friz" Freleng, who was one of the veteran animators who designed many of the Looney Tunes, including Tweety, who in Tiny Toons became Sweetie's mentor.


  • In "Let's Do Lunch", when Furrball takes a fish head out of the trash can, his nose is blue.


  • In the second wraparound, one of the products Sweetie advertises is Sweeties Cereal. Furrball would later eat Sweeties Cereal in the "Here's Hamton" segment "Milk, It Makes a Body Spout", during lunchtime at the Acme Looniversity cafeteria.
  • The Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain episode "The Ravin!" would later re-use the concept of Edgar Allen Poe's classic poem, with the Brain as the narrator and Elmyra repeatedly using a phrase.
  • In the end, Furrball is in the crowd protesting that Buster and Babs are unfair to bit players, although he previously had his own episode, "Furrball Follies".
  • Hamton is also in the crowd, despite being a main character in the show.
  • Tweety is listed as Tweetie in the end credits.
  • In the prologue before "The Raven", when Sweetie was holding a bow and suction arrows, she grew pink wings.
  • "The Raven" was Vincent Price's penultimate television role before his death.
  • In "Egged On Eagle", Sweetie picked up a worm with no glasses that resembles Bookworm, then in the next scene Bookworm suddenly appears.
  • An animation cel of Sweetie Bird from this episode was once owned by Elizabeth Taylor and went for sale 12 June 2019 during an auction of the actress' estate by Julien's.[1]


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Frank Welker Furrball, The Dragon, The Stork, The Bald Eagle
Candi Milo Sweetie Bird
Vincent Price Narrator
Jeff Bergman Tweety Bird


  • Dragon: "I'm gonna take five, okay?"
Buster: "Sure."
  • Sweetie: "Mama!"
Eagle: "Son!"
Sweetie: "Daddy?"
Eagle: "Daughter?"
Sweetie: "I believe there's been a shipping error."
  • Sweetie: "Hey, eagle pop, I'm just curious. What holiday do we celebrate next?"
Eagle (After being burnt by fireworks): "Thanksgiving, and I'm the turkey."
Sweetie: "Ew, you look a little overcooked."
  • Buster: "'Gee, Sweetie,' ya said, 'we don't know exactly what to do with you.' Good work, Babs."
Babs: "Yeah. And then you said, 'Gee, Sweetie, do you have any ideas.'"
  • Sweetie: "Nevermore will I fly south for the winter on a cheap excursion flight."
  • Sweetie: "Maybe I should have gone to E. E. Cummings' house."
  • Edgar: "Quote the Raven."
Sweetie: "You'll toss me out nevermore."



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