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Tiny Toon Adventures
Hollywood Plucky
Season 1, Episode 26
Air date 23 October 1990
Written by Sherri Stoner
Directed by Art Vitello
Gag credit Caricaturist - Bruce Timm
End tag Plucky: "Parting is such sweet sorrow."
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Hollywood Plucky is the 26th episode of the animated series Tiny Toon Adventures. It was written by Sherri Stoner and directed by Art Vitello.


Plucky wins an award for his movie The Plucky Duck Story. However, this turns out to be a fantasy, as the award tells Plucky to wake up. When Plucky awakes, Hamton is revealed to have spoken. Plucky and Hamton are on a bus to Hollywood. Plucky and Hamton are excited to be meeting many famous celebrities, and Plucky is especially excited to sell the script for his movie to the famous director, Mr. Cooper DeVille. Hamton then asks Plucky why Buster and Babs aren't with them. Plucky tells Hamton that they must have missed the bus.

Meanwhile, in the desert, Buster asks Babs if she is sure that the bus stop there is where they were supposed to meet Plucky. Buster is excited to get the script for their movie The Buster and Babs Story to Mr. DeVille. On a news show called Enter-toon-mint 2 Nite, hosted by Mary Vain and John Face, tonight's subject is Hollywood Hopefuls, featuring Mr. Cooper DeVille.

Back in Hollywood, Plucky and Hamton arrive, excited to be there, only to find out when they exit the bus that they ran into an alley filled with punks. Plucky mentions that there must be a sanitation strike, and he and Hamton set off to find Mr. DeVille.

At the Chinese Theater, Indiana Jones is getting ready to put his autograph into the wet cement on the sidewalk of fame. Plucky spots Indy, and decides to ask him if he knows where Mr. DeVille is. Hamton is not sure if this is a good idea, but Plucky ignores him. Plucky jumps into the wet cement, and asks Indy if he knows where Mr. DeVille is. Indy says, "Good-bye, Duck!" and ties him in his whip.

As Hamton drags Plucky, whose feet are now trapped in the hardened cement, with Indy's whip. he tells Plucky that he should look on the bright side, as he picked up two really neat souvenirs. They stop near a Frogrick's department store, and as Hamton unties Plucky, Plucky wonders how he's gonna get the cement block off his feet. A tour bus stops by, and Plucky tells Hamton to put his cement-covered feet on the bumper of the bus. Hamton is excited to be taking the tour, but Plucky reminds him that they have to get his feet out of the cement block first. He hangs onto a nearby parking meter, and tells the children at home not to attempt what he's doing. Hamton boards the bus, then walks to back of it, waving to Plucky. Plucky asks why Hamton is in the bus as the bus drives off. As Hamton is enjoying the tour, Plucky clings onto the parking meter, as two men walk out of Fogrick's. The thin one says, "Oh, Mr. DeVille, you forgot your credit card!" Plucky, having just heard Mr. DeVille's name, tells him that he has the perfect script for him. He releases the parking meter to pull the script out from his tank top. Having just let go, he flies all over Hollywood, being dragged by the bus attached to his cement-covered feet. Eventually, he catches up to the back of the bus, releasing his feet from the cement block, then bouncing off it, flying into the Hollywood Sign, which bounces him to the tour bus' stop. Hamton exits the bus and tells Plucky he had a wonderful time on the tour. He is also happy to see that Plucky got his feet out of the cement block. Plucky tells Hamton he was so close to meeting Mr. DeVille, and worries that he may never get to see him again, and that he may never get to sell his script. A mysterious man in an afro and a disco suit tells Plucky that he knows Mr. DeVille and can lead them to where he is. He may even be able to get them a part in his latest film. Plucky and Hamton are excited, as the man tells them he's going to make them stars.

In the second act, the chef of Flavio's is upset, because he has a fancy restaurant full of stars, and all his helpers quit. The man, whose name is now revealed to be Flavio, arrives, and brings Plucky and Hamton with him. Flavio tells the chef that he brought two new stars for Mr. DeVille's latest movie. The chef has now caught on to Flavio's plan gives Plucky a job as a waiter, and Hamton a job as a valet. As Flavio takes Hamton outside, Plucky asks the chef where Mr. DeVille is. The chef tells him that Mr. DeVille is a shy director who prefers to hide behind the cameras. Plucky asks where the cameras are, and the chef tells them that all the cameras are hidden to retain the film's documentary effect. The chef puts Plucky in a waiter's outfit and tells him to wait on tonight's guest. Plucky leaves, then returns to ask what his motivation is. The chef angrily tells him, "To keep this job," and Plucky sets off once more.

The first guests Plucky waits on are Larry, Darryl, and Darryle, from the TV series Newhart. Plucky is attracted to Darryle, as he is dressed as a mermaid. Darryle smacks Plucky with his tail, and Plucky lands in Roseanne Barr's sandwich. He pokes his head out of the sandwich and says, "She loves me," and then Roseanne decides to eat the sandwich with Plucky still inside.

Outside the restaurant, Flavio has now dressed Hamton in his Valet outfit, telling him to park the cars. Hamton tells Flavio he doesn't know how to drive, but Flavio tells him that Hamton has A-Type casting, which is even better. The Batmobile stops near Hamton, and Batman emerges from it, giving him the keys and telling him to be careful, as he just had it detailed. Hamton, who is thrilled to have just seen Batman, goes into the Batmobile. He buckles himself in and presses the ignition button. This starts the Batmobile going at top speed. He tries to stop, but he accidentally hits the Bat Warp Drive button and sends the car flying into the air. Inside the restaurant, Plucky asks Batman if he'd like him to take his cape for him. Batman unzips his suit, revealing Michael Keaton, the actor who played him, inside. Plucky says, "Another Hollywood illusion shattered." Back outside, Hamton flies the Batmobile through the moon, putting a Batman logo-shaped hole through it, and a trademark symbol pops up next to it. He flies back down to the restaurant, trying to steer the Batmobile away, and nearly flying off the film reel, until he parks in between two cars, destroying them both. Hamton, relieved to back on the ground, is glad he at least wore his seat belt.

Back inside the restaurant, Plucky thinks there is an earthquake when he hears a big thumping sound. He panics, until Mike Tyson breaks through the wall. Plucky, is excited, if not, intimidated to see Mr. Tyson as he makes his way to a table. Plucky asks Mr. Tyson what he'd like to eat tonight, and Mr. Tyson tells him he'd like the Santa Fe Finger Links. Plucky is surprised, never figuring him for a soprano.

Back outside, Cher, who drives a "compact" car shaped like a pocket mirror, parks the car next to Hamton. Hamton is attracted to her beauty as she hands him the keys, but she is not amused. Back inside, a customer tells Plucky she'll have a goat cheese pizza. As Plucky leaves, an announcer tells her she's won an award for Best Entree Ordering in a Lead Roll, and puts the award she just won with the others in her bag. Jack Nicholson then tells Plucky to get over to his table. Plucky asides that it's now time to show Mr. DeVille his acting technique. As Plucky goes to the table, Jack tells him he's not happy with his Caesar Salad. Plucky, dressed as Julius Caesar, emerges from the salad. Jack tells him to get out of his salad, but Plucky, now imitating Groucho Marx, asks him if he's like duck soup instead. Jack, who is not amused, tells Plucky he'd rather have pressed duck as he pushes him down. At another table, Rosanne Barr, surrounded by junk food, tells Plucky that the food is terrible and the portions are too small.

Back outside, Pee-Wee Herman parks his bicycle, which this time, Hamton has found easy to move, let alone park. The cast of Star Trek beams down and give Hamton the keys to USS Enterprise. Hamton faints when he sees the size of the ship.

Back inside, Plucky serves the cast of Star Trek chicken croquet. When he removes the lid, a live chicken is inside. The cast sets their phasers to Roast, and fires at the chicken. As Plucky serves another costumer, the customer asks why he has his thumb on his steak. Plucky tells him, "I didn't want it to fall on the floor again." Clint Eastwood asks Plucky where his wine is, and Plucky whines by telling him, "But I don't wanna do my homework!" Clint punches Plucky and he lands in the soup that the Chef is making. Plucky is excited, and he's sure to impress Mr. DeVille, until he hears the complaints of the many customers. He is tossed back and forth through the kitchen doors by the chef and the angry customers.

Back outside, the other customers can't find their cars. Hamton points to the big pile of wrecked cars next to him. The angry customers kick Plucky and Hamton out of the restaurant, and they fly across Hollywood, until they land in a garbage truck. Hamton tells Plucky that they weren't filming a movie at that restaurant at all. Plucky, having recovered his script from the garbage, is worried he will never get his script to Mr. DeVille. Hamton then points to Mr. DeVille's studio, and Plucky is excited to have finally made it after the garbage truck stops outside the studio. The Garbage truck empties the dumpster there on top of them.

In the third act, Mr. DeVille, who is in his limo, is greeted by Ralph. Plucky is excited to be so close to completing his goal, as all he has to do now is get inside the studio. As Plucky tries to get past a sleeping Ralph, Ralph wakes up and asks them where they're going. Plucky tells Ralph that he is trying to get his scrip to Mr. DeVille. Ralph asks Plucky if he has a pass, and Plucky hands him his Acme Looniversity Hall Pass. Ralph, who plays along, launches Plucky and Hamton off the lot. He tells the viewers, "I love this job!"

As Ralph sleeps, Plucky tries to imitate Michael Jackson to get past him. Ralph awakens and hits Plucky with the gate. Plucky tries to imitate Rocky Balboa, but Ralph punches him with a boxing glove. Finally, Plucky tries imitating Johnny Carson, but still, Ralph is unconvinced. Ralph squiches Plucky into the size and shape of a golf ball, and hits him with a golf club. He lands next to Hamton, and disintegrates to pieces. His beak, which is still in one piece, says, "Anyone got any super glue?"

Plucky complains about Ralph as he glues himself back together. A tour van stops next to them, and the tour guide says they are ready to begin their tour of DeVille studios. Plucky and Hamton sneak on board, and the bus tours the studio. Plucky tells Hamton he will meet up with him later, and as he jumps off the van, he accidentally jumps into the Shark Pond. He lands in a shark's mouth, but the shark spits him out, then tells the viewers, "I'm a vegetarian." Plucky flies across the Studio and lands at Mr. DeVille's office. Plucky, who is now excited to meet Mr. Deville, who is building a card house, tells him he's been spending the past two and a half acts trying to track him down. He then tells him about his script, The Plucky Duck Story, as Mr DeVille reads it over. He then asks Mr. DeVille what his opinion on the movie is. Mr. DeVille tells him he thinks it's a sure-fire blockbuster. Plucky is excited that finally accomplished his mission… or so he thinks. As it turns out, Mr. DeVille has already made a similar movie. Only, his movie was entitled, The Buster and Babs Story. He tells Plucky that he found Buster and Babs at a bus stop in the desert, and they had the perfect script for him. Plucky, who now realizes he failed his mission, bangs himself on the head with a hammer repeatedly.

As Plucky mopes home, he wonders if he would have succeeded if he hadn't left Buster and Babs behind. He apologizes loudly for leaving them behind. Hamton catches up and asks him if he feels better. Plucky tells Hamton that he does and asks who needs money when he's got friendship. Unfortunately, Plucky isn't exactly over his failure yet and is jealous of Buster, Babs, their blockbuster hit movie, and all the fame and attention they received.


  • This episode mirrors the Looney Tunes short "Hollywood Daffy" and the Merrie Melodies short "Hollywood Steps Out".
  • Mr. Cooper DeVille is a caricature of the series creator, Tom Ruegger.
  • On the Tiny Toon Adventures Season 1 Volume 1 DVD, this episode is presented as the 7th produced episode, taking place after "Her Wacky Highness" and before "Journey to the Center of Acme Acres".
  • Plucky's aside about getting his bottom scraped on the road while his feet are attached to the tour bus ("Hey, I better cut this out, I might start to like it.") is the same line that Elmer Fudd's dog uses in the Merrie Melodies cartoon "An Itch in Time".
  • This is the first appearance of Ralph, who would later play a major role in Animaniacs.
  • Tiny Toons director Art Vitello's name appears on the Walk of Fame when Plucky and Hamton are outside Graumann's Chinese Theatre.
  • Plucky attempts to get into Cooper DeVille's studio by disguising himself as Michael Jackson, Rocky Balboa, and Johnny Carson, with Hamton as Ed McMahon.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, James T. Kirk
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Clint Eastwood
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Cher, Roseanne Barr, Darryl Hannah
Frank Welker Ralph the Guard, Larry, Dustin Hoffman
Rob Paulsen Cooper DeVille, Bus Driver, Dr. McCoy, Pee Wee Herman, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jim Cummings Chef, Mike Tyson, Jack Nicholson
Kenneth Mars Flavio
Roger Rose John Face, Indiana Jones
Michael Bell Batman
Maggie Roswell Mary Vain


  • Plucky: "Don't try this at home, kids. This should be done only by trained professional idiots."


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