Tiny Toon Adventures
High Toon
Season 1, Episode 65
The Title Card
Air date March 29, 1991
Written by Chuck Menville
Directed by Glen Kennedy
Gag credit Coyotes compliments of Chuck Jones
End tag Byron: "Woof."
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High Toon is the 65th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the Season Finale to Season 1. It was written by Chuck Menville and Directed by Glen Kennedy.


The episode begins with Buster and Babs burrowing across Acme Acres. It is then revealed that they are on their way to the amusement park, AcmeLand, as they are following the signs leading to it. Eventually, they come to a desert, where there are two signs; one pointing to AcmeLand, and the other pointing to No Man's Land. Beaky Buzzard flies towards the signs and lands atop them. He suddenly sneezes, and this switches the signs around. Thus, the sign pointing to AcmeLand leads to No Man's Land, and vice-versa. When Buster and Babs come to the signs, they follow the one leading to AcmeLand, unaware that the signs have been switched around. They travel to Prairie Junction, and emerge from the burrow. Buster starts taking pictures, as he and Babs think they've come to the Wild West World section of AcmeLand. They decide to take a look around.

Inside the saloon, the customers are playing card games as the pianist plays a ragtime tune. Buster and Babs enter the saloon and are impressed with how realistic everything is inside, thinking Bobbo Acme spared no expense. Babs says "Howdy!" to the customers, who suddenly give angry stares at her and Buster. Buster tells Babs to save her breath, as he thinks the customers are animatronics, and can't hear her. He stretches the mouth of one of the customers and places his cigar inside it, angering him. He then pulls the mustache of another, yanking it right off. He then pulls out a mallet and hits another customer with it.

Outside, Pedro is ringing the bell, as it is high noon, and a gang of outlaws is on their way. All the villagers hide, and Babs asks what's going on. All the stores are now boarded up and closed. Pedro warns the villagers the outlaws are coming, and runs towards Buster and Babs as the villagers hide. Even the horse hides in a water trough. Buster asks Pedro who's coming, and Pedro tells him the Coyote Kid and his gang are on their way, and that they're mean hombres. Buster, thinking this is part of their show, tells Babs to play along. Babs then spin-changes into cowgirl attire and tells Pedro they'll just sit back and watch the show. Pedro tells them they're both loco and not to say he didn't warn them. Pedro runs away, and Buster tells Babs that Pedro is cute. Just then, The Coyote Kid and his gang ride into Prairie Junction. One of the members pulls out a sign, writes, HE'S THE LEADER on it, and points it at the Coyote Kid. Buster and Babs are sitting in a chair, eating popcorn and drinking soda, unaware that this is not an act. The Coyote Kid looks around and tells his gang that it looks like nobody's home. The Gang members put on earmuffs as Kid Coyote pulls out his guns and tells the villagers to come out before he comes in himself. All the villagers run out, carrying their goods. The Coyote Kid tells the villagers that's better. He then tells them to hand over their goods as he opens the trunk of his horse. He loads all the goods into his horse, until he comes to a bruised tomato (complete with a bandage to cover the bruise). The villager stares nervously as the Coyote Kid takes his sack of tomatoes and puts it over his head. The gang members laugh, and the villager walks away. The Coyote Kid yells who's next, and Pedro and his Parents are next, carrying a bowl filled with ears of corn. Pedro begs his Parents not to give the Coyote Kid any more corn, but his Father tells him they have no choice. The Coyote Kid takes the bowl and empties it, saying he's seen feet with better corns than it. The other gang members laugh, and Pedro agrily tries to run towards him, with his Father holding him back. Buster and Babs, still thinking it's part of the show, want that scene to be done again in a close-up shot. Babs jumps onto the Coyote Kid's horse and swaps her AcmeLand hat with his cowboy hat. Buster takes their picture, then decides to take another with The Coyote Kid's good side, which he is unable to find. He eventually does, and tells him to say cheese. He takes the picture of him and Babs, and after the picture is taken, The Coyote Kid snarls and puts his hat back on. Buster thinks he wants another picture taken, but before he can take it, The Coyote Kid grabs him and tells him he just made a big mistake. Buster asks him if he left the lens cap on (when one can clearly see that's not the case) as The Coyote kid shakes him down for his money, loading it into his horse. The other gang members laugh and Babs angrily tells The Coyote Kid to put Buster down. The Coyote Kid tells her he will, and tosses Buster aside, causing him to land in a water trough. He then grabs Babs and shakes her down for her money, loading it into his horse. Then he tosses her into the water trough as well. With their heist a success, the Coyote Kid and his gang ride away. Buster and Babs run after them, telling them to come back with their stuff. However, the Coyote Kid and his gang are now out of sight as the screen irises out, ending act one.

In the second act, Buster asks Babs what kind of amusement park Prairie Junction is. Babs agrees, as she is not amused. Pedro's Parents tells them that they're not in an amusement park, and that Prairie Junction is their town. Pedro tells them that lately, the Coyote Kid and his Gang have been robbing them clean. A villager walks in and tells them that they come back for more every day. Babs asks the villager if he's sure it's every day, and Pedro's father tells them that it's every day at high noon. The villager tells Buster and Babs to leave while they can, but Buster tells him he won't, as the Coyote Kid and his gang stole his stuff and he's gonna get it back. Babs agrees with Buster, as does Pedro. Pedro's Father tells them to forget it, as the Coyotes are too tough. Pedro's mother tells them it would take an army to defeat them. Buster tells them he and Babs will get an army as he puts on an army helmet. Babs walks in, dressed as a sergeant, and vows they will return. She and Buster burrow underground and back to Acme Acres. Pedro is excited that once Buster and Babs return, they will be able to teach the Coyotes a lesson. Pedro's Father pulls him back and tells him that they won't, and that Buster and Babs are on their own. He locks the door of his house as Pedro suddenly has a look of concern on his face.

The next day, a bus comes into Prairie Junction. Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton, who are all wearing western attire, emerge from the bus. Pedro is excited that Buster and Babs have returned, just as they promised. Buster tells him he's right, and Babs tells him they're ready for action. Babs asks Hamton and Plucky if they're ready, and Hamton, who is vacuuming the desert, tells them he is. Plucky then runs in, tells them he's ready, then tries to sneak away. However, Babs grabs him and pulls him back, telling him that he has to help them against the gang of big, mean, vicious, thieving, cutthroat coyotes, who outnumber them, are twice as big, and have guns. Plucky tells them he'd like to help her, but he had a previous engagement with the rest of his life. He tries to sneak away again, but Buster tells him that if he stays, he'll get a free vacation in the old west, and that there's gold in them thar hills. Upon hearing gold, Plucky decides he will help Buster, Babs, and Hamton after all. He pulls out a pickaxe and wants to start digging right away. Buster grabs him and pulls him away. Hamton continues vacuuming, this time around the villagers, until Buster pulls him away. Buster is about to tell Plucky and Hamton their plan, when Babs runs in and tells them that all they have to do is catch the Coyote Kid. Hamton, thinking the kid is a minor, is glad to help. He asks Babs what he looks like, and Pedro shows Hamton the Coyote Kid's picture on a wanted poster. Hamton nervously trembles on top of Plucky's head, and Plucky tells Pedro that The Coyote Kid doesn't look so tough to him. Babs then nervously tells the villagers that Plucky's right. She asks them if they're with them, and all the villagers run away. Babs asks the viewers if she could take that as a "maybe", and Buster walks in and tells Babs it looks like they're on their own. He tells Plucky and Hamton to saddle up, and Hamton takes that meaning literally, as he is wearing a saddle and asks Buster if it's on straight. Plucky takes this meaning literally as well, and is also wearing a saddle. He asks Buster and Babs if leather is too much of a statement. Buster then asks the viewers if they're sure Clint Eastwood started like this.

In the next scene, Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton are all riding a fat horse, which is on its way to the Coyote Kid's hideout. Babs asks Buster if he's sure he knows the way, and Buster tells her he's sure. It is then revealed that he is following the signs leading to the hideout. Plucky is suddenly thirsty, and asks Hamton to pass him the canteen. Hamton does, but tells him it's empty. Buster, Babs, and Plucky are outraged when they hear this. Babs asks Hamton how he could drink it all, and Hamton tells her he didn't, but he did have to rinse out a few things. He then reveals that he hung all his laundry out to dry. Buster tells the viewers that in the next episode, he should get script approval.

At last, Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton arrive at the Coyote Kid's hideout, the Coyote Club. They look down and see the Coyote Kid and his gang hanging out at the pool. The Coyote Kid is preparing to take pictures, and even holds up a sign that says, SMILE!. After he takes a picture of his gang members, Babs angrily tells Buster, Plucky, and Hamton to look at those lowlives. Hamton then tells Buster, Babs, and Plucky never to mind them, and rather, to look at their lunch. He then falls off the cliff and lands on top of one of the gang members. The Coyote Kid is delighted to see Hamton, and is preparing to cook and eat him. He then asks Hamton what he has to say for himself. Hamton asks the Coyote Kid and his gang if they're going to eat all that cake by themselves, and the Coyote Kid tosses him into a wooden cage. The Coyote Kid tells him to stick around for supper, as they'll be having barbecued ham. He laughs evilly, and the gang members all cheer upon hearing this. Buster, Babs, and Plucky look above sadly as the cartoon irises out, ending act two.

In the third act, Buster decides to abandon getting their stuff back in favor of getting Hamton back. Plucky asks if they're gonna do it in broad daylight, but Buster tells him they'll wait until night and sneak in then. Plucky decides to back away, and Babs tells him that while she doesn't blame him for being scared, but before she can finish, Plucky has made up his mind, and not even an approaching Coyote would change his mind. Just then, a shadow looms over Plucky's head, and, thinking it's from one of the Coyotes, he decides to hide. However, it is Pedro who appears, as he has brought a sack with him. Babs asks what he's doing here, and Pedro tells them he wanted to help. He took the shortcut to get to them faster. Buster and Babs angrily say, "The shortcut." to each other, wishing they knew about it earlier. Pedro tells them he brought sandwiches for them. Plucky eats one of the sandwiches, only to find one little seed in the middle. Pedro tells him that that's all the Coyotes left him and his Parents.

That night, The Coyote Kid fires up his barbecue as Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Pedro sneak in to rescue Hamton. The Coyote Kid assures his gang that their dinner will be ready soon, and he and his gang laugh evilly at Hamton. Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Pedro find the cameras that the Coyote Kid stole from the former two earlier, and the Coyote Kid asks his Gang Members who likes their ham rare. All the Gang Members do, and even Hamton does, despite being a pig. Buster pulls his cage away, and when the Coyote Kid turns around, he finds out their dinner is getting away. Sure enough, Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Pedro are carrying Hamton's cage away. The Coyote Kid orders his gang to grab them, and the Coyote Gang run over him trying to chase them down. Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hamton, Pedro, and even the Horse all get away from them, but the Coyote Kid vows that they will come back to Prairie Junction tomorrow and destroy the place.

The next morning, Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hamton, Pedro, and the Horse return to Prairie Junction. Pedro's Parents are happy to see their son again, and all the villagers cheer. Pedro then reveals that he got all of Buster and Babs' stuff back, including their AcmeLand hats. Plucky sneaks away, telling the villagers that their work is done, and he's ready to leave, but before he can, Buster lassos him. Plucky asks him why he did that, and Buster tells him to rope it in (in this case, literally). He pulls Plucky back, who tells him that at High Noon, The Coyote Kid and his gang will turn Prairie Junction into World War III. Babs tells Plucky that they haven't forgotten. Buster tells him that that's exactly why they can't leave; it's sort of their fault they're returning. Hamton tells Buster that they can't possibly outfight them, and Buster tells them they won't have to, as maybe they can outsmart them. Pedro's Father decides that maybe this time, they can all help. Buster decides they will outsmart the Coyotes.

At High Noon, the Coyote Kid and his gang return to Prairie Junction. They suddenly stop in surprise, as they find out the villagers are throwing a COYOTE KID DAY fiesta. The Coyote Kid grabs Hamton, posing as the Mayor, and points his gun at him, asking him what's going on.  Hamton tells him that, as the Mayor, he hearby proclaims this day Coyote Kid Day. The villagers cheer, and the Coyote Kid drops Hamton. Babs walks in, telling them they decided they deserve a break today. The Coyote Kid asks her if he does, then Buster walks in, dressed as a colonel, telling them of course they do, as they're the best thieves in town. He asks Pedro to serve them, and Pedro pulls out a sign that says, FREE FOOD. The Coyote Kid and his gang are excited when they hear this, as Plucky rings the lunch triangle. They rush into the saloon and demand food. Pedro's Mother, who is posing as a waitress, tells them their special today is chili, that she cooked herself. The Coyote Kid tells her to bring the chili on. Plucky, posing as a waiter tells them the chili will come soon, and puts on a hazmat suit. He tells the Coyote Kid and his gang he hopes they like their chili hot. The Coyote Kid tells him, "The hotter, the better!", and Plucky opens the Chili Room, where some very hot cooking is going on. He then carefully carries a beaker with some tongs over to four bowls. Inside the beaker is the world's hottest chili, which he pours into the bowls. He then serves the chili to the coyotes, and as they eat it, they find out it's way too hot for them to handle. They run out of the saloon and take a drink from the water trough. The next event is the square dance, and Babs decides to dance with the Coyote Kid. The villagers then dance with the other Gang Members. Babs then asks the Coyote Kid if he can dance any faster, and what kind of cowboy he is. The Coyote Kid tries to answer, but before he can, she spins him around, telling Buster and Hamton to speed up the beat. Buster and Hamton speed up the beat, and as the Coyote Kid and his Gang dance faster, Babs and the villagers are all relaxing. Babs tells the Coyote Kid to dance even faster. The Coyotes dance even faster as Buster and Hamton speed up the beat even faster. After Hamton's violin breaks, the Coyotes don't feel very well. Buster then reveals what looks like an outhouse that says, GUYS. The Coyotes, about to lose their lunch, walk inside what looks like the outhouse. Buster then closes the door and reveals that the outhouse is really a prison, and that the sign really says, BAD GUYS. The Villagers cheer and carry Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton across Prairie Junction.

At the end of the day, Buster decides to play one last song before he, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton head back home. After the director claps the clapper board, Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton are all riding horses and playing guitars. In their song, that while they've had fun, they wouldn't want to stay, but promise to return when this episode is rerun. The villagers all wave good-bye to Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton as they ride off into the sunset.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Frank Welker Coyote Kid
Phillip Glasser Pedro
Rob Paulsen Concord Condor



  • This episode's title is a pun on "High Noon".


  • The second level of Buster Busts Loose for the SNES is based on this episode.
  • Although this episode is not produced as the last episode animated by the Canadian animation studio, Kennedy Cartoons; this is the last aired episode animated by that studio. They were fired from TTA after the first season, but moved on to work on the Disney Afternoon cartoon, Darkwing Duck.
  • This episode (produced as episode #50) originally intended to air before its preceding episode, K-Acme TV (as evidenced by K-Acme TV's gag credit), but production delays and poor animation led to this episode being held up, making it the season finale instead.
  • Pedro is voiced by Philip Glasser, who voiced the character of Feivel Mousekewitz from the 1986 Don Bluth film, An American Tail.
  • During the scene in High Toon, when Hamton was captured by the The Coyote Gang there was an animation error when the fifth coyote gang member who is seen on the lower left side that appeared in the episode, after that gang went back being a four piece.


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