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Tiny Toon Adventures
Here's Hamton
Season 1, Episode 62
Hamton eating cereal
Air date 22 February 1991
Written by Tom Minton, Tom Ruegger, Jim Reardon, Grant Moran
Directed by Rich Arons
Gag credit Director Emeritus - Norman McCabe
End tag Furrball: "ROAR! Meow."
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Here's Hamton is the 62nd episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Hamton is the star of today's show and appears in various parodies of TV show intros.


Milk, It Makes a Body Spout

Buster and Plucky argue over which of them is the funniest in the whole school during lunch at the Acme Looniversity cafeteria. To settle this, they look for an average student to be the judge. They see Hamton drinking a carton of milk, and decide that the first one to make Hamton laugh so hard that milk squirts out his nose will be deemed the funniest in the Looniversity.

Plucky goes first, with Mr. Revolto, a hand puppet made out of a potato with olive eyes. Although he makes the other students laugh, Hamton doesn't pay attention. Buster goes next, as he dumps a bowl of mashed potatoes on his head and puts on a hat to imitate Elmer Fudd. Unfortunately, everyone hates his impression, and Buster decides to put two carrot pieces in his mouth to use as teeth for his impression of the Tasmanian Devil. Hamton pays no attention, and Buster gets very dizzy. With Buster also drinking milk, Plucky goes next. He swallows an entire two-liter bottle of soda and burps to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star". Buster follows along, playing with a toilet plunger. Unfortunately, Hamton still pays no attention.

Buster notices Junyer Bear asleep and borrows his shoes to use as a beak for his impression of Foghorn Leghorn. As usual, Hamton still pays no attention. Plucky goes next, and imitates a mailbox using a sandwich and a bag of mail. Granny mistakes him for an actual mailbox and puts all the postcards her class is sending (a huge amount) inside him. Still, Hamton pays no attention. Plucky decides that he and Buster should work together to make Hamton laugh. Together, they bake a large cake and use sticks of dynamite as candles. the cake explodes, causing a huge mess in the cafeteria. Still, Hamton pays no attention.

Buster and Plucky decide to give up and begin drinking milk. Hamton finally stops drinking his milk and tells them he was thinking about a math problem. He tries to leave, but slips on the huge cakey mess. Buster and Plucky both laugh so hard, that milk squirts out their noses, Hamton laughs as well, with milk squirting out his nose. Having finally gotten Hamton to squirt milk out his nose, Buster and Plucky both declare "It's a tie!" and all three laugh with milk squirting out their noses.

America's Least Wanted

Plucky invites himself over to Hamton's house, but is disappointed by Hamton's friendly hospitality, as Hamton doesn't have buttered popcorn or pizza rolls. Hamton doesn't want to disappoint Plucky and immediately starts making Plucky's dinner.

As Plucky is channel flipping, he watches America's Top 10 Criminals, where finds out about Knuckles Cutlet, an escaped master criminal who resembles Hamton. Knuckles is currently public enemy #1, and is most likely living nearby under an assumed name. Due to Knuckles' resemblance to Hamton, Plucky is worried he might have been best friends with a master criminal. When he hears a twenty-five-thousand-dollar reward is offered for his capture, he becomes interested in turning Hamton in.

Plucky dresses Hamton in a black and white striped suit and a ball-and-chain, all the while worried he might be Knuckles. When he sees what looks like him choking Elmer Fudd, he tries to save Elmer. Turns out Hamton was rearranging Elmer's sacroiliac, as his regular chiropractor was on vacation. Plucky puts Hamton in a bag and decides to turn him over to the police.

On his way over, Plucky bumps into a security guard loading bags of money into the bank. He misplaces the bag with Hamton inside and accidentally takes a bag of money. When he turns it over to the police, he gets arrested. Hamton pays his bail, but once he is free, Plucky tries to turn him over to the police. The police are not fooled, as they arrested the real Knuckles Cutlet almost an hour ago. Plucky, still desperate for the reward, tries to turn Knuckles in, but he is booted out, along with Knuckles by accident. Hamton is arrested as Plucky takes Knuckles to Hamton's house. Plucky decides to trust his friends from now on, unaware that he was leading Knuckles to Hamton's house, and Knuckles tries to knock him out.

Drawn and Buttered

Hamton goes to Cap'n Teneal's Seafood Emporium to buy a lobster, as he has been saving for weeks. The lobster Hamton wants is an aggressive one with an Irish accent. The lobster costs twenty-five dollars ninety-five cents. At first, Hamton seems to be a few cents short, but the rest of his money is stuck to the bottom of his coin purse and eventually makes it out. The other lobsters in the tank cheer as Hamton takes the lobster home.

When Hamton arrives home, he plans to cook the lobster for his dinner. He boils a pot of water, melts some butter in a pan, chops up some carrots, and attempts to grab the lobster with tongs. He attempts to cook the lobster, but the lobster tells him that he forgot the vegetables. As Hamton get the vegetables, he puts the pot of water on the floor and burns a chair. Hamton steps into the pot of water and burns his feet. The lobster asides, "I do this stuff to him through the whole cartoon." as Hamton lands in the sink to cool his feet. The lobster looks for an exit, and goes into Hamton's potbelly stove. He comes out very dusty and tells the viewers, "That's the only potbelly you'll ever catch me in." When Hamton sees the lobster covered in dust, he mistakes him for a giant cockroach and attempts to squish him. The lobster tries to convince Hamton is a family man by showing him pictures, but Hamton is not fooled; he has the same family, as the pictures came with his wallet. The lobster escapes and duels with Hamton using only his claws as Hamton is armed with a fork. He pinches Hamton in the butt, and Hamton flies out of his house, and then back into his house. The lobster wraps Hamton in his carpet and attempts to leave, but Elmyra Duff barges in. She thinks Hamton is being mean to the lobster and decides to take care of him. The lobster gets into the pot of water on the stove, and decides he'd rather be Hamton's dinner tonight than Elmyra's pet for the rest of his life.


  • Each wraparound parodies an intro to the classic television shows That Girl, The Fugitive, and The Dick Van Dyke Show, complete with ottoman trips.
  • "America's Least Wanted" is a play on the show America's Most Wanted.
  • In "America's Least Wanted", Plucky briefly flips the channel to a parody of the Disney Afternoon cartoon Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers, with the title characters as squirrels. This clip would later be used in the opening to The Plucky Duck Show, during the line, "Other shows seem yucky now that Plucky's on the air!"
  • "Drawn and Buttered" is a play on the phrases "drawn and quartered" and "drawn butter".
  • In "Drawn and Buttered", Cap'n Teneal is a play on the recording artists Captain & Tennille.
  • In "Drawn and Buttered", Hamton imitates Star Wars villain Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious when attempting to squish the lobster, whom he thought was a giant cockroach.


  • In "Milk, It Makes a Body Spout", Furrball is eating Sweeties Cereal, which was previously advertised by Sweetie Bird in the second wraparound of "How Sweetie It Is".
  • Casey Kasem provided the voice of Flakey Flakems in "America's Least Wanted". He and Hamton's voice actor, Don Messick, previously worked together in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Scooby Doo Where Are You?, voicing Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo, respectively.
  • Although it is implied in the Christmas special that Hamton's family is Jewish, judging by the menorah in the window, Hamton does not keep kosher, as proven in "Drawn and Buttered", when he tries to cook the lobster.
  • During "Milk, It Makes a Body Spout", when Fowlmouth yells at the snake, he is not wearing his shoes as his feet are the same color as his black and gray high tops.
  • Babs does not appear in this episode.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Police Chief, Pigeons, America's Top 10 Criminals Announcer
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Casey Kasem Flakey Flakems
Jim Cummings Knuckles Cutlet, Police Officer, Singer
Greg Burson Elmer Fudd
June Foray Granny
Rob Paulsen The Lobster


  • Buster (Imitating Foghorn Leghorn): "What, I say, what in tarnation have we got here, boy? Y'all got to put some meat on those feathers, son, or you'll blow south for the winter!"
  • Plucky: "What? No butter? Really, Hamton, you've got a lot to learn about being a good host. No butter on popcorn, no pizza rolls, keep this up and I won't invite myself over anymore."
  • Plucky: "Here, Hamton, let me HELP! you with that. It's CRIMINAL! how cheap they make these bracelets today. Oh, you'll love this new joke I heard. IT'S A KILLER!"
  • Knuckles (After seeing Hamton dressed as a criminal): "Hey, who's that handsome guy in the stripes?"
  • Knuckles: "Here's Johnny!"
  • Hamton (Standing in the pot of hot water): "Ah, there's nothing like a nice, hot..."
Lobster: "Foot?"
  • Lobster: "I do this stuff to him through the whole cartoon."
  • Lobster: "Wait, sailor, think about what you're doing. Look, I'm a family man."
Hamton: "Hey, I've got the same family; they came with the wallet!"
  • Lobster (Wrapping Hamton in the carpet): "Hey, look! Pig in a blanket."


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