Fifi and hamton
The Hamton and Fifi Relationship is one of the many relationships of the series. It focuses on the relationship between Hamton J. Pig and Fifi La Fume.


Unlike many relationships from this series, Hamton and Fifi's relationship might be considered by some fans to be a relationship of convenience, due to the fact that both characters are the only ones who don't have a specific love interest of their own species, and the fact that both are counterparts among the two three-character teams that form the core of the main cast, similar to Buster being with Babs and Plucky being with Shirley.

Episodes featuring the two as a couple/love interests

  • In the episode, Prom-ise Her Anything, when hearing about the Prom, Hamton tells Babs that sometimes boys get shy when asking a girl they like to the prom, as he asks this to Fifi while blushing and being nervous. At first, Fifi thinks the idea of a prom is both sexist and outdated. Hearing this, Hamton is dejected and slowly walks off as he tells her that he was going to ask her to be his date. Fifi immediately changes her mind after learning that Hamton was going to ask her to the prom and decides to go with him. She clings to him and starts kissing him on the forehead as he is excited at this treatment. She also got jealous when he was love-struck by Dizzy's date and hit him on the head with a mallet. Towards the end of the episode, both of them dance in the same way Buster did.
  • At the end of the episode, The Acme Bowl, Fifi hugs Hamton like a teddy bear at the end of the football game.
  • In the New Class Day episode segment, The Just-us League of Supertoons, Hamton (as Decoy) makes a pass at Fifi (as Scentanna), but Fifi rejects Hamton with a blast from her tail, sending him crumbling to the floor.
  • In The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain Hamton feels slight guilt for Him, Buster and Plucky crashing the girls' party, but says It was funny to see Fifi's tail frizz up.

Episodes with Fifi featuring someone other than Hamton as her love interest

  • In the Furrball Follies episode segment, Amora Amore, when Fifi mistake Furrball for a boy skunk because of the white stripe on his back and tail and begins to follow him through town. 
  • In the Dating, Acme Acres Style episode segment, Love Stinks, Fifi once again mistakes another boy animal for a boy skunk. This time it is Calamity, after he falls in a pit of tar and a chicken flies over him and its feathers landed on his back. During the episode, Fifi keeps ruining his attempts to capture Little Beeper.
  • During The Return to the Acme Acres Zone, Fifi tangos with Buster Bunny and kisses him. Though its later revealed, this was actually a robot copy and not the real Fifi.
  • In the New Class Day episode segment, Sound Off, Dizzy Devil is pursued by Fifi and attempts to escape on a bicycle, only to discover that it's a stationary bike set up by Fifi to trap him.
  • In How I Spent My Vacation, Fifi goes on a movie date with her movie star heartthrob Johnny Pew in order to get his autograph, but kicks him to the curb (and into Elmyra's grasp) after revealing himself to be an arrogant jerk who gives away her autograph to Bimbette.

Episodes with Hamton featuring someone other than Fifi as his love interest


  • Fans of the series have mixed reactions towards Hamton and Fifi's relationship; many like the idea of them as a couple, while others prefer to ship Fifi with one of characters she has chased (typically Calamity or Furrball), or with an OC, or would simply rather that Fifi remain single. (See this thread from 1993 on the Google Groups page for an early example of the long-standing debate over the precise nature of Hamton and Fifi's relationship)
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