Hamton's Prehistoric Ancestors

Hamton's Prehistoric Ancestors

Hamton's Prehistoric Ancestor is a one-time character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the episode "A Ditch in Time". He was voiced by Don Messick .


Hamton J. Pig's Prehistoric Ancestor is shown to resemble his descendant but a little huge, and not wearing clothes.


He first appeared doing laundry while Buster's Prehistoric Ancestor dragged a large carrot and Babs' Ancestor was cuting a giant carrot. When When Suddenly Plucky Duck (thanks to Montana Max's prehistoric ancestor whacking him for being on his property) appeared and her and the other bow to him and Plucky was named the new leader of the group. When Plucky first tried to name the land Pluckyland, and the other prehistoric citizens hated the idea, but when he mistakenly named it Acme Acres. he and the others loved the idea. he appears again near the end when Plucky returns to the past and he and the other ancestors, toss their fruit and vegetables at him for being a lousy leader.

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