Grandma Duff talking to Mr. Bump

Grandma Duff is a character in Tiny Toon Adventures. She was voiced by Fran Ryan.

About Grandma

She is the mother of MacArthur Duff, the Mother-in-law of Emily Duff, and the Grandmother of Amanda Duff, Elmyra Duff, Duncan Duff, and Baby Duff.

Grandma Duff stops by the Duff house for a visit before she goes to Contract Bingo in Penewawa. Her visit occurred on the same day that Elmyra's pet hamster, "Grandma" Jan Brady died. After Grandma leaves, she accidentally leaves behind a box with a nightshirt in it, which is picked up by the Duffs' next door neighbor, the muscular Mr. Bump. Elmyra is still upset over her dead hamster, and when she tells everyone about it, everyone thinks it's Grandma Duff who has passed on. When Duncan, who is sick in bed and battling a cold while watching Nosy Neighbors on TV overhears that his Grandma is gone, he starts to suspect that Mr. Bump killed her, as he has the missing box she left behind. Later that day, when Elmyra invites everyone over to the funeral for her hamster, everyone is surprised when Grandma Duff returns. Elmyra tells Grandma that the funeral isn't for her, it's for her pet hamster, Jan Brady. As the funeral ends, Grandma gives Elmyra a new hamster she won at Contract Bingo, and Mr. Bump returns Grandma's missing box with her nightshirt.


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