Grandma "Nana" Bunny is Babs' grandmother who appears in the "Pledge Week" episode segment "It's All Relatives". She was voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Like Babs' Mother and Father, Nana's face is never shown, but she is seen to be a large eldery rabbit wearing a white puffy shirt, pink pants, and dark brown sandals.


She first appeared out of her car and gave Babs a big wet kiss (wet enough to cover her face in spit) and a bit of her fig dough, and while she and Babs' Mother were talking to each other, Babs tried to sneak away, but her mother insisted she show Nana, "that funny thing she does." After doing a bunch of impressions, Babs saw that one of her male siblings grabbed the attentions of both Mom and Nana, which caused Babs to snap, and then fall over saying, "I've fallen and I can't get up", which turns out to be "The Funny Thing" that they were waiting for. Babs brought Elmer there and shouted "Shoot me now!" (imitating Daffy Duck who shouted that in Looney Tunes Golden Age cartoon) because she couldn't take it anymore.


  • Although it has never been made specific which side of Babs' family she's from, some fans believe that Nana is Babs' father's mother, as they have the same fur color, while others think she is Babs' mother's mother, as they enjoy each other's company.

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