Gracie and Gladys (left) with Plucky (right)

Gracie and Gladys are characters who make a one-time appearance in Tiny Toon Adventures. They are a pair of female ducks who appear in the "Looking Out for the Little Guy" episode segment "The Re-Return of the Toxic Revenger". Neither of them have spoken, at least not on their own.


Though it is never made clear which of the two are which, one of them has green feathers and blonde hair, and wears a pink hair ribbon, a red jacket, and a white bikini with pink dots, while the other one has yellow feathers and red hair, and wears a yellow jacket and a blue bikini.

Appearance On the Show

Gracie and Gladys first appear after Buster tells the viewers they're going to see how Plucky looks out for the little guy. They swim up to the front door of Plucky's House and knock on it, and Plucky invites them in, as his annual swamp block party has begun. They are seen again later in the segment, after Montana Max drains all the water in Plucky's swamp to use in his own pool, and Plucky, as the Toxic Revenger, decides to get back at him. When Plucky flies into the air, the force of the wind strips them of their feathers, hair, and clothes. Later still in the segment, they are seen again in Montana Max's pool, as part of Plucky's plan involves him and his neighbors taking over it when he took their water. One of them is seen swimming in the pool, whilst the other is seen picking flowers from Monty's bushes. Although Monty kicks them and the other neighbors of Plucky's swamp, they return to his pool not long after. They are seen one last time in Plucky's swamp towards the end of the segment, when Plucky returns the water to his swamp for good.

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