Tiny Toon Adventures
Going Places
Season 2, Episode 67
Buster invites the viewers to join him and his friends on their field trip
Air date September 17, 1991
Written by Earl Kress, Eddie Fitzgerald, Gordon Bressack
Directed by Rich Arons, Nicholas Hollander
Gag credit Moral of story (Choose one):
A. Eat more meat
B. Don't play with matches
C. Never put a bowling ball in your underwear
End tag Buster & Babs: "Aloha!"
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Going Places is the second episode of the second season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the 67th episode in both production and broadcast order.


Buster welcomes the viewers and tells them that today is field trip day on Tiny Toon Adventures. Field trips are one of the few things he and his friends love about school. The teacher then announces that there will be three stops on today's field trip. The first one will be at the Acme Acres Firehouse, the second one will be at the Acme Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the third one will be at the Montana Max Merry Meats Factory. With the class 12.5 seconds behind schedule, the teacher tells Cecil Turtle, who is working as a bus driver to speed up, and the bus sets off to the Acme Acres Firehouse.

In the third wraparound, The teacher tells the students that their final stop on their field trip is the Montana Max Merry Meat Company, which Monty Mentions he bought with his allowance last week. The teacher then tells the students that Monty has been kind enough to give them a tour of the factory. Plucky is shocked when he sees a statue of a turkey surrounded by knives, above a plaque saying, "Our Meat Hits The Spot".

Episode Segments

When You're Hot…

After crashing into a fire hydrant, the bus makes it to its first stop, the Acme Acres Firehouse. The teacher tells the students that Pete Puma, who is working as a fire chief, will teach them all about fire safety. Pete Puma demonstrates the typical causes of fire by setting various things on fire, starting with an old rag covered in gasoline. Pete's incompetence makes Buster question, "Why is this guy on our show?". As Buster and his friends duck under the cloud of smoke, Pete Puma, with his head still in the cloud, tells the students not to breathe in the smoke, then coughs the smoke out. Sneezer is allergic to smoke, and his powerful sneeze sends Pete Puma flying out the firehouse and into a telephone pole.

Pete Puma concludes his lecture on fire safety by telling the students not to light a rocket inside a building, while lighting the rocket. The rocket flies out of the firehouse and hits the clock tower of Acme Looniversity. The fire bell rings at the firehouse, and Pete and the Acme Looniversity students set off in a fire engine to put the fire out. Pete drives the fire engine carelessly, knocking over several houses along the way, and landing in a fire engine ride outside a grocery store.

Buster, Plucky, and Hamton, now wearing firemen uniforms, arrive at Acme Looniversity to find it on fire. Plucky finds this a lucky break, but Buster insists that they put out the fire. Plucky opens a fire hydrant and brings the bucket of water over to Buster, and they, along with Hamton take turns passing the bucket around, until an anthropomorphic flame fills the bucket with gasoline. When Buster tosses the gas form this bucket, it explodes on him and Hamton, scorching their uniforms. The flame then laughs and runs inside Acme Looniversity. Hamton, now in a new uniform, decides to go after the flame himself, taking a fire extinguisher with him. He manages to corner the flame in a classroom and is about to put him out, only to find him standing on the shoulder of a much bigger anthropomorphic flame. Hamton nervously offers the flames some dry wood, even going as far as to eat it himself. The flames burn Hamton and laugh.

As the little flame travels across Acme Looniversity, all the while setting things on fire, he goes into the Wardrobe Department, spotting a purple robe and a hat on a dress rack. He jumps into the dress rack, and screams, pretending to be a lady trapped inside. Buster sees the dress and thinks it is a lady in trouble, so he goes to rescue her, only to find out he'd been had by the flame, who burns the wooden ladder of the fire engine and causes him to fall to the ground.

Hamton chases the little flame all the way to the cafeteria. The flame poses as a customer, holding a menu, and requesting wood for lunch. Hamton takes the flame's order, only to realize a few seconds later that he'd been had. He rushes back to the flame and hits it with his axe, only for the flame to split into two. The two flames laugh and run away.

One of the flames reaches the Film Library. Hamton chases after the flame, and the camera pans to reveal the sign saying, Tiny Toons Film Library. Hamton is about to put the flame out, when the flame tells him that if he tries to, he will set the shows on fire, starting with this episode. The camera then zooms out to reveal Hamton and the flame on a film strip. When Hamton tries to put the flame out, the flame burns the film strip and leaves Hamton as a roasted pig on a platter.

Meanwhile, outside, Plucky is trying to open a box that says, Open in Case of Fire, htting it with his axe, only for the head of the axe to break off. He then hits the box with a cannon, but the cannonball bounces off the box and back at Plucky. He then hits the box with a crane's wrecking ball, but, like the cannonball, the wrecking ball bounces off and back at him. Plucky is about to quit, as he can't get the box open, but Buster rushes to him and tells him he can't quit. Plucky angrily tells Buster, "I've tried doing everything, except saying, 'Open Sesame!'". The box opens, much to Buster and Plucky's surprise. Inside the box is Sneezer and a pepper shaker. Buster stuffs the pepper into Sneezer's nose, and Sneezer's powerful sneeze puts out the fire, which by this time, has completely destroyed Acme Looniversity. Buster congratulates Plucky and Hamton, telling them they'll never see the little flame again.

Next to a highway, the little flame is holding up a sign, saying, Universal Studios. Elmyra finds the flame and hugs him. The flame explodes and burns off Elmyra's hair and clothes, leaving her wearing only her panties. Elmyra says, "Little flame go bye-bye!" as the cartoon irises out.

That's Art, Folks!

The teacher tells the students of Acme Looniversity that their second stop will be the Acme Art Museum. As she observes the paintings, Babs doesn't find them appealing at all, and finds much more humor in a Bugs Bunny comic. The teacher confiscates the comic and tells Babs that the comic has rendered her blind to true genius. She tells her to stay behind as she and the other students observe the paintings, as she doesn't want her being a bad influence on them. Babs says, "Some people wouldn't know talent if it hit them on the head!", then aimlessly wanders onto a pillar holding a bust, which falls off and hits her on the head, knocking her out.

While she is knocked out, Babs dreams she is in a world consisting of classical paintings. A giant pair of lips tells her he's in the world of art. As Babs observes the world of art, she says hello to Rembrant and and Van Gogh. Babs wishes she could appreciate art more so that it appeal to her, but art doesn't move her, or move at all. Babs goes into a painting of pilgrims at a table, removes the hat of one of them, and replaces it with a white non-anthropomorphic rabbit. The pilgrim is not amused, and tries to take his hat back from the pilgrim who is wearing it on top of his hat, eventually leading to an all-out fight. Babs finds this hilarious, but the pilgrims are not amused. and chase after her. Babs runs past the screamer from The Scream painting, and hides out in an abstract musician painting. When she finally loses the pilgrims, the musicians from the painting chase after her. Eventually, the characters from all the other paintings in their artwork start to chase after Babs, all the way into the Modern Art section. Babs is cornered, and just as the characters from the paintings are about to catch her, she screams, "WAIT!". This makes the characters stop at once. Babs calmly tells them to calm down, as they are missing the big picture. She opens a bottle of paint, pulls out a dress, and puts it on, while telling the characters that while they class and taste on their side, they have been hogging the spotlight for a very long time. She then sings a song about artwork, entitled Squash and Stretch. The song demonstrates about how artwork has evolved to this day. The characters forgive Babs and go back to their paintings. Unfortunately, when she tries to leave, the only one who didn't get hear the song was Mrs. Whistler, a near-deaf maiden, who attempts to whack her with her umbrella.

As Babs echoes, "There's No Place Like Home!", the teacher wakes Babs up and tells her that she got a serious bump on the head, and they thought she was going to leave them. Babs tells her all about her dream, and as she finishes, saying, "There's no place like home!", the cartoon irises out.

Slaughterhouse Jive

The cartoon begins with various animals on one conveyor belt ending up as cans of meat on the other. The teacher leads the students to the Merry Meat-o-Rail to begin the tour. As they ride the Merry Meat-o-Rail, the teacher demonstrates how the animals will become processed meat. As plucky boasts about how he's a higher life-form than the animals that are about to be made into processed meat, Buster points out that even the higher-class cows aren't safe from being processed. The teacher then shows the students a machine that turns animals into meat, which turns a pig, a mouse, and even a car, into processed meat. Plucky asks, "Is there a USDA Inspector in the house?" and the USDA inspector appears silhouetted onscreen to tell Plucky that he looks very fresh to him. He then stamps Plucky with a Grade-A stamp. The teacher stops the Merry Meat-o-Rail and shows the students the Merry Sausage Machine, where the robots scan each pig for freshness. One of them scans Hamton, then snatches him and tosses him onto a conveyor belt. Plucky sees Hamton on the conveyor belt, then rushes to tell Buster and Babs that Hamton is about to be turned into processed meat. They rush onto the conveyor belt to try to rescue Hamton, but they get put into the machine and all four of them come out as giant sausages. Monty finds this amusing, but Elmyra is sad to see Buster, Babs, and Plucky as giant sausages. Elmyra pulls the lever that sets the machine to reverse, which turns them and Hamton back to normal. They then slide into the Ptomaine Tunnel and onto the factory floor.

Monty laughs, and asks them what they think of his factory. Buster and Babs ask Monty if he's out of his mind, and take him to a screening room to reprogram him. They strap him to a chair, and Babs turns on a film projector. The film is entitled, How To Make A Hamburger, starring Happy the Cow. Happy tells the viewers that he wants them to eat him, telling them that, as a Grade-A High-quality Heifer, he will do anything for them. He demonstrates to the viewers that in order to make a hamburger, you must first find a cow and knock it out, then a cook picks it up and tosses it into the meat grinder. Monty is horrified when he witnesses Happy being ground up in the meat grinder. Happy, now as a hamburger, ends the film, saying, "That all, folks!" Buster then presents a Merry Meats complimentary Merry Meal. Plucky, Hamton, Babs, Elmyra, and Buster bring in various meat byproducts that make animal noises when they remove the lids over the dinner plates. Monty is now enraged, and Buster tells him, "Don't get mad, Monty, get even!" Monty decides to follow Buster's advice and sets the factory in reverse, turning the cans of meat back into animals and setting them free. Monty then sets sticks of dynamite around his factory, and walks up to a plunger. The teacher, the students, and the other animals duck while Monty pulls the plunger and blows up the factory.

Buster tells the viewers that after a little gentle persuasion, Monty converted the meat factory into a veggie emporium. He then tells them that rabbits have always been strict vegetarians, and at least Vegetables don't mind when you eat them. Just as he, the teacher, and the other students are about to eat their lunches of vegetable sandwiches, the vegetables scream, beg them not to eat them, and flee in terror. Buster and Babs give a heavy sigh as the cartoon irises out.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Maurice LaMarche Blueboy
Frank Welker Dog
Kath Soucie Li'l Sneezer



  • Buster (about Pete Puma): "Why is this guy on our show?!"
  • (Plucky keeps attempting to open a box that says "OPEN IN CASE OF FIRE")
Buster: "Plucky, do something!"
(The box finally opens and Buster and Plucky look perplexed)
  • Babs (After her, Buster, Plucky, and Hamton are turned into giant sausages): "Anyone got any mustard?"
  • Happy the Cow: "For those of you at home with weak stomachs, I suggest tuning in the Disney channel."


  • At the end of When You're Hot..., the flame attempts to hitchhike to Universal Studios, a reference to the many fires it has had on its L.A. backlot.
  • The ending to the episode segment, That's Art, Folks! references the ending to the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy wakes up from her dream, nearly quoting it word-for-word.
  • The scene where the toons force Monty to view How to Make a Hamburger is a reference to a similar scene in A Clockwork Orange.


  • Each choice for the moral of the story in the gag credit relates to an event happening one of the segments of this episode. Choice A refers to the episode segment, Slaughterhouse Jive, where Happy the Cow wants children to eat him, Choice B refers to the episode Segment, When You're Hot…, where Pete Puma sets various things on fire to teach the Acme Loo Students about fire hazards, and Choice C refers to the episode segment, That's Art, Folks!, where during Babs' song, Squash and Stretch, she puts a bowling ball in the back of her dress.
  • The Teacher's appearance is a parody of the late legendary actress Edna May Oliver, not only that she is also based on the Looney Tunes Character named Priscilla from a 1940's classic short The Hardship of Miles Standish and Porky's Road Race in 1937.
  • In the episode segment, When You're Hot..., when Hamton gets burned by the Big Flame and the Little Flame, he is wearing his overalls instead of his fireman's uniform.
  • The flames laugh like the gremlin from Falling Hare.


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