"Flea for Your Life"

Gnat is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He is an insect who is good friends with The Flea Family, particularly Itchy. He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.

About Gnat

Gnat appears in the Season 3 episode "Flea For Your Life", where after the Flea Family takes a break from making fur coats out of Furrball's fur, he stops by their house and asks if anybody wants to cruise the Flea Market. Itchy, who needs a break, decides to join Gnat, only to get an announcement from the evil Boss Tick on the family's TV that they will be working overtime. Later in the episode, Gnat and Itchy travel to Fleadom Hall, the lair of Boss Tick, located on Byron Basset. He witnesses Boss Tick and his employees, Flick and Flit looking over the Flea Family's fortune, and also witnesses Boss Tick capturing Itchy so that she will have to marry him. After Boss tick leaves, Gnat overhears Flick and Flit's plan to exterminate Itchy so that Boss tick will marry Flick instead, and Flit will be the next boss. Gnat tries to get back to Furrball to warn the rest of the Flea Family that Itchy has been captured, only to find out that Furrball has run away and been captured and taken to the Animal Shelter. He spends all night flying until he finally reaches it, and after warning the rest of the Flea Family, he decides to help them by getting Furrball back to Elmyra. When Elmyra and Furrball do get back to Elmyra's house, Flick and Flit install a flea spray cannon pointed towards Itchy's cell on one of the spikes of Byron's collar, which Boss Tick is angry with. Gnat snatches the key from Boss Tick's pocket, rescues Itchy and brings her back to the rest of the Flea Family, and all five say a well-deserved good-bye to Boss Tick, Flick, and Flit as Elmyra witnesses Byron itching and takes him upstairs for a bath.

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