George Burns

George Burns (Chimpanzee) is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. He made a couple of cameos in the Henny Youngman Day episode segment, Lame Joke and the episode, Washingtoon. He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


George Burns (Chimpanzee) is shown to be an old anthropomorphic chimp with white hair, wearing a navy blue suit (a black suit in Washingtoon) with a yellow shirt, a red tie, and glasses. He is also seen holding a cigarette.


He first makes a cameo appearance in Lame Joke where Henny Youngman, acting as a doctor, tells Buster that his joke died and he told him that the delivery stinks and that he told the joke wrong. He later makes a non-speaking cameo appearance in Washingtoon where he and Henny were carrying Calamity Coyote on a strecher after he slipped on one banana peel and got knocked out from it.


  • George Burns (Chimpanzee) is obviously a parody of the late George Burns, who was known for his trademark arched eyebrow and cigar smoke punctuation.
  • The closing of Burns' series The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show is parodied by Buster and Babs in one of the taglines.


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