Tiny Toon Adventures
Furrball Follies
Season 1, Episode 13
Furrball follies
Furrball acting like a dog
Air date October 2, 1990
Written by Tom Ruegger, Sherri Stoner, Eddie Fitzgerald
Directed by Art Vitello
Gag credit Future Game Show Host - Steve Donmyer
End tag Buster: "Say goodnight, Babs."
Babs: "Goodnight, Babs."
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Furrball Follies is the 13th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


In the opening, we see Buster and Babs (wearing trenchcoats) telling three stores starring everybody's favorite blue alley cat, Furrball, and his dream of finding a proper home.

Episode Segments

K-9 Kitty

Having looked at an issue of Good Life magazine, Furrball wants a new home to live in, as the cardboard box of his is breaking apart in the rain. Meanwhile, two alley cats order three Pizzas and have them delivered to Furrball. When the delivery boy arrives, Furrball is happy to see the pizzas, but is unable to pay for them. Furrball is kicked out of his own alley as the rain begins to stop. He sees a sign that reads, Give a kitty a good home; Acme Humane Society, and wishes he had a home. He then sees a near-blind couple, who keep bumping into things. Lloyd, the husband, has accidentally dropped his glasses as well as his wife Bernice's glasses down the garbage disposal. They have ordered two new pairs, but it will be a while before they are delivered. The near-blind couple decide to get a seeing-eye dog, and Furrball acts like a dog. He proves to them that he can be brave, smart (sort of), playful, and clean, and he qualifies. His only rule is never to let a cat in the house, as the couple despises cats. As they go into the kitchen, Furrball sees the two alley cats and teases them.

The cats try to sneak into the house and Furrball tries to keep them away by slamming the door on them. One of them later sneaks into the house and tries to eat Furrball's sandwich, but Lloyd goes into the kitchen to get Bernice a glass of water. The cat poses as a clock, and Lloyd thinks the time on it is wrong. He plugs the cat's tail into the electrical outlet and the cat gets electrocuted. Just as Furrball is about to eat his sandwich, Bernice and Lloyd get their glasses and notice there is a cat in the kitchen. They whack Furrball out of the house, and Furrball lands near the alley cats. He runs away as they chase him.

Aroma Amore

The two cats continue to chase Furrball through town after he kept them out of Lloyd and Bernice's house. While they chase him, Buster and Babs appear and tell the viewers that while Furrball keeps dreaming for a home, Fifi La Fume dreams for her ideal boyfriend. We then see Fifi in her Cadillac home, writing in her diary about her relationship with Bradley, who had accepted a scholarship to a distant college. As she looks out the window, knowing her true love is out there, we are cut back to Furrball, who hides from the two cats in a sewer. Shortly afterwards, Furrball comes out of the sewer to see that he is safe, only to be run over by an Acme Street Painter truck. He gets a white stripe down his back and tail, and when Fifi sees him, she mistakes him for a male skunk, falls in love, and begins to look for him, but not before giving herself a makeover. After changing from her pajamas to her natural beauty, she applies her favorite perfume; Le Stink, and seeks out the skunk of her dreams. While searching for Furrball, Fifi catches the attention of a construction worker, who is about to do the wolf whistle, only to stop in the middle when he smells her and uses a jackhammer to hammer himself to the ground.

We are then cut to Furrball, who takes out a rotten fish from a garbage can. First he smelled it to and even though it smelled bad, Furrball eats it anyway, when suddenly, he and Fifi encounter other. As Fifi waves to Furrball, he spits out the fish, then freshens his breath and leaps into Fifi's arms. Fifi begins to kiss him, and at first he enjoys it, but suddenly, Furrball notices that Fifi is a skunk (as he must have thought she was a cat before) and runs off, but Fifi thinks he is playing hard-to-get and chases after him. When Furrball runs around the corner, he sees his back on the screen at a TV/video discount store, and finds out that Fifi thinks he is a a skunk. As he picks up his tail, he notices another tail and discovers it is Fifi's, who wraps him with it so he can't escape, but he eventually manages to.

In the next scene, we see Furrball in Acme Park, where he's trying to wash the paint off in the fountain. Suddenly, Fifi surprises him when she comes out from the fountain and scares him away. Later, he tries to hide out in the Ferris wheel of the Acme Carnival, but Fifi catches up to him. As she tries to grab his arms and asks him to meet her family, Furrball jumps out of the Ferris Wheel, much to Fifi's disappointment. As Furrball is falling, we see the two cats at the carnival, looking for him. As soon as they catch him, they mistake him for a real skunk and try to run away, only to crash into a strength test game, and get knocked out. Furrball then begins to run again, then notices some blue paint and paints over the white stripe on his back. When Fifi asks Furrball, who now sees him as a cat, if he has seen the boy skunk, Furrball shakes his head "no," and Fifi walks away, crying. Furrball feels sorry for her, as even she doesn't deserve to be sad. He comes up with a plan that will work to both of their advantages: he paints the knocked-out alley cats like skunks, and Fifi immediately chases them. The cartoon ends with Furrball, now happy for Fifi, painting the screen black, ending the cartoon.

Cross Country Kitty

Furrball has finally found a home with Mary Melody. She gives him plenty of love, a soft bed, and all the dry cat food he can eat. Unfortunately, Furrball dislikes the dry cat food, and as a result, is still hungry. He notices Sweetie Bird, who lives in Mary's apartment as well, and tries to eat her. Mary notices this and tries to break him of that habit. She decides to take him on vacation to Miami, Florida, where he will have such a good time, he will forget all about Sweetie. Sweetie likes this plan.

At Miami, Florida, Mary tries to find a good spot to set up her beach blanket, as Furrball hates walking on the hot sand. She eventually finds a spot, much to his relief. Mary encourages him to smell the sea air, but he inadvertently breathes sand instead. She decides to cheer him up by buying him a soda and tells him to stay here, as she will be back in five minutes. During these five minutes, Furrball calls a taxi and books a flight back to Acme Acres. He sees Sweetie asleep in Mary's apartment and attempts to jump in, but Sweetie awakens cold, and shuts the window. Furrball crashes, much to the shock of Sweetie, but when she opens the window, she thinks she was imagining it because Furrball is still crashed on the opening part of the window, and he falls into a dumpster. As he lands, his watch beeps and tells him time's up. Furrball books a flight back to Miami, and arrives seconds before Mary gives him his soda. He opens the can and it squirts in his face.

Later that day, Mary tries to teach Furrball how to swim, but Furrball is reluctant. She decides to swim by herself and tells Furrball to wait. She tells Furrball she will be back in two minutes. Back in Acme Acres, Sweetie is ready to eat her lunch; a horsefly. Furrball reaches into her cage and eats the horsefly, only for Sweetie to tell him his mistake and feed him more bugs when he realizes it. Furrball's watch tells him to get back, and he manages to catch a ride with a marathon runner back to Miami.

Mary Melody decides to take a nap, giving Furrball all the time he needs to get back to Acme Acres. He takes a little boy's RC car and uses it to get to Acme Acres. When he arrives, Sweetie decides to celebrate Furrball's birthday by inviting several dogs. The dogs chase Furrball, who manages to outrun them in a motorcycle, until he finds out a dog was driving it. He escapes and lands in a gas station, where he uses an air pump to inflate himself so he can deflate his way back to Miami. Mary Melody wakes up to find Furrball asleep, and decides to let him sleep on their way back to Acme Acres. As they arrive home, Furrball is shocked to see Sweetie and the dogs. He runs away back to his cardboard box in the alley, where once again, it falls apart.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Frank Welker Furrball
Kath Soucie Fifi La Fume
Cindy McGee Mary Melody
Candi Milo Sweetie Bird
Jeff Altman Lloyd



  • This episode, production-wise, marks the debut of Mary Melody, although she previously had a cameo appearance in the wraparounds for the 19th produced episode "The Buster Bunny Bunch" but was not introduced. In her debut appearance, she was voiced by Cindy McGee. In all of her other appearances, she was voiced by Cree Summer (who also voices Elmyra Duff).
  • This episode was originally going to be titled "Alley Tat Tales", in which "tat" refers to how Tweety says "cat".
  • The episode segment "Aroma Amore" follows the order of the Pepe Le Pew cartoons, (a skunk chasing a cat), but with the genders reversed.
  • In the episode segment "Aroma Amore" when Fifi jumps and her heart beats out of her chest (literally), she is barefoot, but her feet are the same pink color as her slippers; however, the next time her feet are shown, they are purple and in her pink slippers.
  • In the episode segment "Cross Country Kitty" Sam Sheepdog, Charlie Dog, and Marc Anthony make cameo appearances as three of the dogs Sweetie invites to Mary's apartment for Furrball.
  • The episode segments "K-9 Kitty" and "Aroma Amore" were both adapted into a single coloring book in the 90's.


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