Frank and Ollie with Foghorn Leghorn

Frank and Ollie are minor characters in Tiny Toon Adventures. They are alien ducks from Planet X. Frank wears a blue shirt and a blue wool cap to hide his antennae. Ollie has blond hair, wears a white blouse, a pink jacket, a red skirt, and a white hat to hide her antennae. Frank is voiced by Rob Paulsen and Ollie is voiced by Carol Kane.

A Quack in the Quarks

Frank and Ollie appear in the Season 1 episode "A Quack in the Quarks". They appear as new transfer students at Acme Looniversity. Plucky gives them a tour of the Looniversity, much to the relief of Foghorn Leghorn and his students. During Plucky's demonstration at the Looniversity Gym, they reveal they are aliens who have been sent by their planet to bring back the bravest, strongest, and fastest earthling alive, so they take Plucky with them to Planet X, their home planet. The reason why they need a brave leader is because the villainous Duck Vader is planning to destroy Planet X. Plucky is tested by the Planet Elders for qualification as their new leader. He has little success in the qualification tests, but he, Frank and Ollie are sent to stop Duck Vader anyway.

Meanwhile, Buster, Babs, and Hamton borrow the 1953 Duck Dodgers rocket and dress in Star Wars-esque attire to rescue Plucky. Duck Vader abducts Plucky, Frank and Ollie and with his "stormtwooper" minions, chases them when they attempt to escape. Although Plucky tries to boost Frank and Ollie's spirits with various metaphors, he has little success. Frank and Ollie mistake Buster and Babs for alien invaders and attack them, but Plucky tells them they are his friends. Meanwhile, Duck Vader uses his voice synthesizer to imitate Buster Bunny in trouble to capture Hamton. In his attempt to destroy Planet X, Buster uses sleeping gas on his troops, preventing the destruction. Outraged, he makes Plucky and his friends stand on the platform next to the cannon, threatening to destroy Hamton if they refuse. As they stand on the platform, Frank and Ollie escape and toss some ketchup on Duck Vader, causing Chewcudda, their alien bull to knock out Duck Vader, as showing Chewcudda anything red causes him to charge at it. Duck Vader falls against his cannon computer, causing it to destroy his ship. He gets arrested and Frank and Ollie become Planet X's new leaders.


  • Frank and Ollie were named after veteran Disney animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.

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