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Tiny Toon Adventures
Fox Trot
Season 3, Episode 81
Buster, Babs, and the Fox Network Executives
Air date 16 October 1992
Written by Peter Hastings, Deanna Oliver, Tom Ruegger
Directed by Ken Boyer
Gag credit Steven's Car Phone # - 555-5555
($1.95 Per Minute)
End tag Buster & Babs: "Aloha!"
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Fox Trot is the third episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, the 90th in production, and the 81st episode overall.


Buster and Babs are being chased by a pair of hungry foxes because they are part of the Fox Network now, and to celebrate the occasion, they've introduced some brand-new characters, their enemies, the Fox Network executives.


My Brilliant Revenge

Plucky is practicing his bagpipes. Auditions for The Acme All-bagpipe band are tomorrow, and Plucky wants to get into the band.

Meanwhile, Hamton is in his house, with a large pile of food. His favorite show, Swine Search, is on, and he has been looking forward all year to see the winner of the Model/Spokespig category. Just as one of the finalists is about to speak, Plucky is outside practicing his bagpipes, which drowns out the program. He asks Plucky to be quiet, but Plucky is determined to get into the band, and doesn't want to stop practicing and suffer the burden of mediocrity.

Hamton goes back inside, as the singing category is next. Plucky continues practicing his bagpipes, which drowns out the program. Hamton asks Plucky to be quiet again, but Plucky tells him it's hard to practice with Hamton jumping around. Hamton goes back inside, but has missed the grand prize winner. Outraged, he destroys Plucky's bagpipes. Plucky vows he will get revenge.

Later that day, as Hamton leaves his house, Plucky sneaks a radio with a Hooked on Bagpipes tape cassette inside. He turns the radio to the highest volume, and sets the timer to play in one hour.

As Plucky goes home, he finds a note from Hamton, telling him to meet him at the park. Plucky thinks Hamton wants to have a duel with him, and he is determined to win.

In Plucky's fantasy, he and Hamton are in a boxing ring, with Buster as the announcer. As the fight begins, Hamton apologizes to Plucky, and gives him a new set of bagpipes. Plucky deflates, and finds it unfair for Hamton to apologize, as he still wants his revenge. Plucky suddenly remembers his revenge, and rushes over to Hamton's house to stop his plan.

As Hamton sits down on his chair, Plucky tosses him out the window seconds before his radio goes off. Plucky apologizes to Hamton for making him miss his favorite show. Hamton tells Plucky it's okay, as he taped it anyway. Angry, Plucky snatches the tape from Hamton and chases after him.

Can't Buy Me Love

Elmyra Duff is playing with Furrball as a puppet. As she is playing, she notices that she has a new neighbor, Rhoda Queen, a girl who is about her age. Elmyra goes next door and is determined to make friends with her.

As Elmyra introduces herself to Rhoda, Rhoda calls her a "butthead" and demands in turn, she be called "Queen". She then says she will be best friends with Elmyra if she gives her the bow on top of her head, and ends up forcibly taking it, and having Elmyra swear, "no-takebacks". As Rhoda's Mother unpacks boxes, Rhoda tricks her into thinking she is playing nice with Elmyra, and wants to go to her house to play with her.

At Elmyra's house, Elmyra shows Rhoda a picture of Montana Max, whom Elmyra considers her boyfriend, but with no respect for her property, Rhoda tosses the picture out the window and makes constant threats of not being Elmyra's friend anymore if she doesn't break her piggie pank "Mr. Pigster" and spend all her money with her at the movies.

At the theater, they see Montana Max, and Rhoda threatens Elmyra to say she isn't his girlfriend anymore, which Elmyra reluctantly does. Rhoda proclaims to be Monty's girlfriend now, and demands Elmyra to get her some popcorn (which Elmyra spends her last nickel on). When Elmyra returns, Monty dumps a cherry cola in Rhoda's face and pushes her aside, telling her, "Nobody calls me a dumb-butt geek and gets away with it!", and Elmyra is pleased, exclaiming, "That's my baby!" Embarrased, Rhoda drags Elmyra back to her house.

Back at Elmyra's House, Rhoda gives Elmyra back her bow and tells her she wants nothing to do with her, until she sees Furrball, her pet cat, and tries to force Elmyra to give him to her. Having put up with all the trouble Rhoda put her through, Elmyra refuses to give her Furrball, and tells her that she'd rather lose a friend like her than give up her "fuzzy little Furrball head", leaving Rhoda angry and in tears.

Elmyra realizes while talking to Furrball about their friendship that someone doesn't have to do things for the other to remain friends. However, Rhoda tells Elmyra she'll be her best friend again if she gets the car keys from her mother and drive her to Utah, to which Elmyra instantly agrees.

Phone Call from the 405

Buster and Babs are still being chased by the foxes, and they manage to escape them by painting the background into a cliff. Just as the foxes fall off the cliff, the phone rings. Babs answers the phone, and Steven Spielberg is on Line 4. Steven is not happy, and neither Buster nor Babs want to talk to him. Suddenly, Buster has an idea. He brings Li'l Sneezer, and tells Babs that Steven thinks Sneezer is cute. Babs goes with Buster's plan and tells Sneezer that she has a phone call for him. As Sneezer answers the phone, he finds out all about Buster and Babs' plan, and tells them that he's going to get them for this. He calms Steven down, and Buster thanks him, also telling him that he owes him. Sneezer tells him and Babs, in a demonic voice, never to trick him again. Back in his normal happy attitude, Sneezer sneezes.

With Babs finally on the line, Steven is calling on the phone from his car, on the San Diego freeway. Steven wants to redo the last scene, as he wants to make it special. Buster snatches the phone, and kisses up to Steven, telling him that he and Babs were disappointed as well. Steven tells them to take the scene from the top, and so Buster and Babs are back with the foxes. He wants the scene to be a night scene, with plenty of shadows. Eventually, all that was seen of the characters were their eyes. They begin the scene, where Buster and Babs are chased by the foxes, this time in a day scene, telling Buster to get into a hollow log. As the characters go inside the log, Buster and Babs escape, and are about to paint a cliff, but Steven tells them they have done the "falling-off-the-cliff" gag to death. He wants to do something more original, so Buster and Babs paint a train track, and credit Steven for the idea. As the two foxes escape out the other side of the log, the train hits them, and Buster and Babs run over them with a hand car. Unfortunately, they fall off the cliff, and Steven stops talking with them, leaving them without an idea.

At the bottom of the cliff, Steven calls Buster and Babs again, to tell them that their fall was weak, and he wants to redo the scene. Everyone is angry at him, and so Buster puts Steven in the place of him and Babs, as the Bunnies run and Steven is chased by the Hungry Foxes.


  • The wraparounds are a reference to Tiny Toons' move from syndication to Fox Kids.
  • In the opening wraparound, Buster mentions that he and Babs could be stuck on the Peacock Network. This is a reference to NBC, whose logo consists of various colored peacock feathers. NBC had shut down their Saturday morning cartoon block in favor of TNBC that season, so the joke was possibly referencing that event.
  • In "My Brilliant Revenge", Hamton says, "Darn, darn, triple darn!" after he misses seeing the model/spokespig finalist on Swine Search. This may have been referencing, "Drat, drat, and double drat!", one of the catchphrases of the Hanna-Barbera villain, Dick Dastardly. Don Messick, Hamton's voice actor, provided the voices of several characters from Wacky Races and its spin-off, Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines.
  • In "My Brilliant Revenge", Hamton watches the season finale of Swine Search, a parody of the reality show Star Search. The host of the show is a parody of the show's host Ed McMahon.
  • "Can't Buy Me Love" is a reference to the 1964 song of the same name by The Beatles.
  • The movie that Elmyra and Rhoda see, The Schlocketeer, is a parody of the cult Disney film The Rocketeer.


  • In the first wraparound, Buster says, "But enough beating around the bush. It's time for our first cartoon," but Babs' mouth moves to Buster's voice during the last sentence.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Swine Search Announcer
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Kath Soucie Li'l Sneezer, Rhoda Queen
Sally Struthers Rhoda's Mother
Frank Welker Steven Spielberg


  • Buster: "It could be worse. We could be stuck on The Peacock Network."
  • Hamton: "Plucky, if you don't mind, I'm trying to watch the most crucial Television event of my life. could you please keep it down?"
Plucky: "You mean you don't want me to get into the Acme All-bagpipe band?"
Hamton: "It's not that."
Plucky: "You want me to stop practicing and suffer the burden of mediocrity?"
Hamton: "Of course not, I just..."
Plucky: "You want me to ignore the money I spent on this rental?!"
Hamton: "Oh, never mind."
Plucky: "Some pigs have no appreciation of culture."
  • Hamton: "The one model/spokespig, I missed it! Oh, darn, darn, triple darn!"
  • Plucky: (Crying) "Don't make me right! I don't want to be right!" (In normal tone) "Of course, I am right."(Continues crying) "But I want to be mad! I want my brilliant revenge!"
  • Buster: "Oh, thanks, Sneezer. We owe you."
Sneezer: "Big. Oh, and one last thing." (in a demonic voice) "Don't you ever do that to me again. NOT EVER!" (In normal tone) "Right." (Giggles) "And now, I gotta blow. Ah, ah, ah, CHOO!" (Sneezes offscreen)


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