Fluffikin having his skin removed by Elmyra

Fluffikin is a zombie cat who makes a one-time appearance in Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the "Toons from the Crypt" episode segment "Night of the Living Pets". He was voiced by Frank Welker.

About Fluffikin

At the beginning of Night of the Living Pets, Elmyra looks through a photo album filled with pictures of her deceased pets that were taken years before the episode's events. Fluffikin is among the deceased pets. He and the rest of the zombie pets rise from their graves to get revenge on Elmyra for unintentionally killing them. When they come to Elmyra's house, they frighten Furrball, causing him to hide under the couch cushions. Elmyra answers the door, and when she sees them, she's terrified of them. When they corner her in her bedroom, she sniffs them and stops being scared. Because they have been buried for years, she decides to clean them. After bathing two of the zombie pets, causing them to fall apart into dust in the bathtub, Elmyra pulls out a mini-vacuum and uses it to clean Fluffikin's fur, causing him to lose his skin and exposing his skeleton. When she attempts to clean the other zombie pets, they run back to their graves in fear. Fluffikin tries to run away with them, but Elmyra grabs him by his tail, begging for him and the rest of the zombie pets to come back. This all turns out to be a nightmare, and when Elmyra awakens, she finds herself choking Furrball, who runs away from her. As scared as she was, Elmyra thinks it was fun to see all her old pets again, and goes to the pet cemetary to dig them up, starting near Fluffikin's grave.

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