Flicka rising from her grave

Flicka is a zombie horse who makes a one-time appearance on Tiny Toon Adventures. She appears in the Toons from the Crypt episode segment, Night of the Living Pets. She is voiced by Frank Welker.

Role in Night of the Living Pets

At the beginning of Night of the Living Pets, Elmyra looks through a photo album filled with pictures of her deceased pets that were taken years before the episode's events. Flicka is among the deceased pets, and how she died is revealed in some of the photos. When Elmyra rode on her back, she yelled in Flicka's ear, frightening her and causing her to jump off a cliff. She and the rest of the zombie pets rise from their graves to get revenge on Elmyra for unintentionally killing them. When they come to Elmyra's house, they frighten Furrball, causing him to hide under the couch cushions. Elmyra answers the door, and when she sees them, she's terrified of them. When they corner her in her bedroom, she sniffs them and stops being scared. After bathing two zombie pets an causing them to fall apart into dust in the bathtub and causing Fluffikin to lose his skin, Flicka and the rest of the zombie pets run back to their graves in fear. When Elmyra awakens from her nightmare, as scared as she was, she thinks it was fun to see all her old pets again, and goes to the pet cemetery to dig them up.


  • Flicka is named for the titular character from the 1941 children's novel, My Friend Flicka by Mary O'Hara, which was adapted into a British-American family adventure drama film in 2006. Flicka's name is Swedish for "little girl".


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