Flick (right) and Flit (left), as seen in Flea For Your Life.

Flick and Flit are minor characters in Tiny Toon Adventures. They are sister and brother insects who work for the evil Boss Tick. They were voiced by Cree Summer and Rob Paulsen, respectively.

Flea For Your Life

Flick and Flit appear in the Season 3 episode Flea For Your Life. They, along with Boss Tick, stop by The Flea Family's house to collect the fur coats that they made from Furrball's fur, after Boss Tick has overheard Itchy complaining about how her family will be working overtime. Later in the episode, at Fleadom Hall, Boss Tick's lair located on Byron Basset, Boss Tick, Flick and Flit look over the Flea Family's fortune, and are about to toast themselves, when Itchy, along with her new friend Gnat, have travelled to their lair and overheard everything. Boss Tick captures Itchy and forces her to marry him. After Boss Tick leaves, Flick is upset over Itchy, as Boss Tick's previous relationship with her is ruined by her presence. Her plan is to get married to Boss Tick so she could get the fortune, then Flit could be in charge. They decide to exterminate Itchy by pointing a flea spray cannon at her. The next morning, Boss Tick finds out about their betrayal, but they tell him they're done taking orders from him. After Gnat rescues Itchy and returns her to her family, the blast from the Flea Spray cannon causes Byron to itch and Elmyra takes him upstairs to give him a bath.

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