Tiny Toon Adventures
Fairy Tales for the 90's
Season 1, Episode 49
Babs as Tinkerbunny, ready to put a "slightly damaged" VHS of this episode into the VCR
Air date December 12, 1990
Written by Tom Ruegger, Tom Minton, Gordon Bressack, Jim Reardon
Directed by Ken Boyer
Gag credit The end credits - Just keep going and going and going...
End tag Gogo: "It's been surreal!"
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Fairy Tales for the 90's is the 49th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. The episode revolves around two classic fairy tales remade for the 90's, with Babs (as Tinkerbunny) introducing them in the wraparounds.

Episode Segments


A double-length episode segment. Acme Toys is failing with its latest franchises, and Geppetto is the only designer in the toy company who isn't fired. When he tries to improve his battery-powered drumming rabbit overnight, he wishes on a star for the toy sensation of the 90's. He mistakes Buster, who has taken a wrong turn on his way to the Acme carrot and rock festival, as a toy rabbit, and captures him. Buster becomes Acme Toys' newest popular toy, but outraged, he escapes. The executives who chase him fall into a machine and become toys, who are instant best-sellers.

Bear Necessities

Elmyra plays as Goldilocks, and searches for the Three Bears. Baby Bear (also known as Junior) complains living in his new home because he misses living in the woods, his old toys, and his old friends. Papa Bear likes the idea of modernization and tells Junior that he complains too much. During lunch, The Three Bears cook their porridge, and they notice that their porridge is too hot. (Mama's is on fire and Junior's is nuclear waste.) As they let it cool, they go to the shopping at the Acme Mall instead of taking a walk in the woods. Elmyra sneaks into their house, eating their porridge (except Junior's), and sleeping in their beds. When The Three Bears arrive home, they notice that she is in their house. They call the police, who mistake them for three stray animals, capture them and take them back to their real home, also known as the zoo. Junior likes his new life at the zoo, but Papa is outraged.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Computer, Security Officer
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Ma Bear, Secretary
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Frank Welker Furrball, Pa Bear, Chairman
Stan Freberg Junyer Bear
Orson Bean Gepetto


  • Junior Bear: "Duh, hello, Computer Buddy."
Computer: "Never mind that 'Buddy' garbage, now give me your lunch money or you won't pass Algebra!" (Fires several floppy disks at Junior)
  • Papa Bear: "My porridge is too hot!"
Mama Bear: "Oh, dear. My porridge is on fire!"
Junior Bear: "My porridge is nuclear waste!"
  • Elmyra: "Oh, I like to cuddle kittens, I like to snuggle hares, I'd even squeeze amphibians, but best of all are... Bears!"
  • Papa Bear: "Somebody's been eating my porridge!"
Mama Bear: "Somebody's been eating my porridge!"
Junior Bear: "Duh, nobody ate my porridge."
  • Elmyra (holding a drill): "Come back, fuzzy-wuzzies! Nursie wants to check your toothy-woothies!"


  • The double-length episode segment, Bunnochio's title is a play on the fairy tale, Pinocchio, perhaps best known for its 1940 Disney film adaptation.
  • In the double-length episode segment, Bunnochio, one of Acme Toys' franchises is Slug Babies, a possible parody of Muppet Babies.
  • In the double-length episode segment, Bunnochio, there are several references to the Energizer Bunny, the American mascot of Energizer Batteries. Gepetto's toy idea is a battery-powered rabbit playing a drum. Also, at the end of the cartoon, Buster mentions that the executive toy sales "Just keep going and going and going", which is Energizer's slogan. Furthermore, the gag credit also references Energizer's slogan.
  • The episode segment, Bear Necessities is named after the song, Bare Necessities from the 1967 Disney film, The Jungle Book, the last film Walt Disney personally supervised.
  • When the bear family goes shopping, Furrball is seen in the back of their car with suction cups on his paws sticking to the window, parodying the famous Garfield collectible toy.


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