Tiny Toon Adventures
Europe in 30 Minutes
Season 1, Episode 27
The Title Card
Air date October 26, 1990
Written by Stephen Hibbert
Directed by Arthur Leonardi
Gag credit Travel Arrangments By - The Wackyland Tourist Board
End tag Buster: "Say goodnight, Babs."
"Babs": "Goodnight, Babs."
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Europe in 30 Minutes is the 27th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. It was written by Stephen Hibbert and directed by Arthur Leonardi.


The episode begins with Plucky Duck on the game show, Sloppy Dirty Dare. He has to name the country that is shaped like a boot, and guesses "Italy". Blink Winkleman tells him he is correct. The prizes he wins inlcude a pocket protector, a pair of left-handed scissors, and a trip to Europe with all his friends onboard the fabulous Concorde. Plucky is excited for the trip, as the Concorde is the fastest jet in the world.

In the next scene, the Concorde is revealed to be Concord Condor, who is taking Plucky, Hamton, Buster and Babs to Europe. He is exhausted by the time they reach Europe, and they crash-land. Plucky and his friends go on a tour, where they see the sights of Europe, along with many Weenie Burger restaurants. The tour bus starts at the Rhine River in Germany, then drives the Toons through the Berlin Wall, the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum in Paris, the canals of Venice, and finally the Alps. Plucky complains because the tour bus isn't stopping and he doesn't get a chance to make any snapshots, but the tour guide tells him they sell more postcards that way.

During the tour of the Alps, the tour guide jumps off a high cliff and falls down the mountain. The toons evade from the tour, using a single parachute. They land in the grounds just outside Buckingham Palace, home of England's royal family. When they see the soldiers, they hide in the palace. According to Hamton, they wind up in Prince Charles and Princess Diana's private quarters. Babs is excited to meet royalty, and melts into a puddle.The boys ran on top of her. She and the boys chase after them, but get a door slammed in their face by Reginald the butler and Suzette the maid. Their plan is to kidnap Charles and Diana to hold them for ransom. Once they get their fortune, they will fly off to Rio and live wickedly ever after. Buster complains, "Just when we're having fun, we get saddled with a plot."

In the second act, Buster suggests they split up so that one of them would look after the royal couple. At first, Plucky wants no part in finding them, but Buster tells Plucky that he has no interest in being knighted. Plucky is interested in being knighted, and immediately agrees to find royalty. He takes Hamton with him to the royal banquet hall. They decide to eat, but when they are full, they are detected by the chef, who plans to cook them.

Meanwhile, Babs and Buster find Prince Charles & Princess Diana's royal hideout. Buster tells Babs that they can't just barge in on them, so Babs decides they should disguise themselves as the Vanderbunnys.

The chef confronts Plucky and Hamton and notes that he's expecting guests who would love 'pork espanol' for the main course dinner. Plucky then offers a frightened Hamton as the 'pork espanol', only to freak out himself when the chef mentions 'duck pate' as the accompanying appetizer. As the chef continues to chase Plucky and Hamton, they use Acme Toon Gags to knock him out. They decide to eat after they're knighted, and continue their search for Charles and Diana.

Inside Charles and Diana's room, Buster and Babs, disguised as Biff and Buffy Vanderbunny, respectively, decide to talk to them. They talk in "royalese" and only Babs is able to understand them. The "Vanderbunnies" convince Charles and DIana to go on a journey around Europe. They set off in their limo, as Buster and Babs have decided to watch the palace for them. Reginald the butler wants to talk to Charles and Diana, so Buster and Babs disguise themselves as them until they get back. Lord Reginald notices their appearances, but Buster hits him with the scepter.

The Dignitary and the General from El Boulevard has arrived to discuss a peace treaty with them and demand it be signed. Buster and Babs refuse, as they are not the real Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and don't want them to know. They scoff in their general direction, and this enrages them. They chase after Buster, as Reginald and Suzette notice something odd about them. They capture Babs, as Buster knocks the Dignitary and the General into a knight's armor. They surrender, but Buster's victory is short-lived as Reginald captures Buster.

In the third act, Buster and Babs are imprisoned in the basement as Reginald writes the ransom note. Suzette suspects that they aren't the real Charles and Diana, and as Reginald tries to deny her, he begins to suspect them as well. Buster and Babs escape, as Reginald and Suzette chase them. Buster tells the viewers that the chase may take a while, so they might as well check on Plucky and Hamton.

Plucky and Hamton have lost the chef, and are still on the lookout for Charles and Diana. Plucky calls for them, but Hamton warns Plucky they have to be quiet if they want to stay safe form the chef. The chef finds them and chases them down the stairs. They use a candelabra on the end of the stars to burn a rope holding a chandelier. The chandelier knocks the chef out.

Reginald and Suzette continue to chase Buster and Babs into the Buckingham Palace gardens, and as Suzette captures Babs, Plucky and Hamton pass by them, with the chef chasing them. The chef whacks Suzette, and Babs is happy to see Plucky and Hamton again. Buster outruns Reginald, and as all four toons are reunited, the chef captures them (referring to Buster and Babs as 'rabbit stew'.) and plans to cook them all. The real Charles and Diana return and knock out the chef with their limo. Princess Diana tells Babs she had a fabulous tour of Europe, and Babs tells her about Reginald and Suzette's kidnapping plot. To reward them for their capture, she and Prince Charles invite them to dinner at their palace.

At the palace, The Dignitary and the General are no longer mad at Buster, as he and Babs were trying to save Charles and Diana's lives. After firing the chef, Princess Diana has had to improvise a menu. At first, they are excited for even the royal leftovers, but they are disappointed to find out they are served Weenie Burgers. Plucky hand-palms his head and bumps into the prince, with his crown landing on him. He asks if he's knighted yet, and Buster tells him, "Better than that, you've been crowned!" Plucky, dazed, says, "Good night." and falls over.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Dignitary
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Rob Paulsen Blink Winkleman, Concord Condor, General
Tim Curry Prince Charles, Reginald
Valri Bromfield Lady Di, Suzette
Pat Fraley Travel Agent
Noel Blanc The Chef


  • Concord Condor: "Uh, yup-yup-yup, that's me, I'm Concord!"
  • Buster: "You understand these people?"
Babs: "Of course I do. I got an A in royaleze."
  • Dignitary: "I am the Dignitary from El Boulevard."
Babs: "If not, those are swell halloween costumes."


  • This episode's title is a reference to the vacation plan, Europe in 30 Days.
  • The game show, Sloppy Dirty Dare is a parody of the Nickelodeon Game Show, Double Dare.


  • When Suzette was Chasing Buster and Babs, she unknowingly stepped on Reginald's groin, which (as pointed out in the episode) is a painful spot for guys.
  • By coincidence, when this episode was aired in reruns on Nickelodeon, this episode aired the same day the real Princess Diana was killed in a car accident.
  • Near the end of the Louvre Scene when the Tour Bus went inside a portrait, in a Pan, We see a statue of a naked woman from the waist up.


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