Emily Duff, as seen in Take Elmyra Please

Emily Duff is the wife of MacArthur Duff and the mother of Amanda Duff, Elmyra Duff, Duncan Duff and Baby Duff. She appears in the episodes, Take Elmyra Please and Grandma's Dead. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Appearances on the show

In Take Elmyra Please, she doesn't seem to pay much attention to her children's behavior, with the exception of Baby Duff, who demonstrates incredible strength. She watches over him to make sure he doesn't wake up. After an explosion from Mac's latest invention (a clean-burning alternative fuel made from cholesterol), Baby Duff wakes up and uses his strength to get out of his crib so he can play with his teddy bear outside it. Emily calls the rest of the family to help her calm him back to sleep. Later in the episode, Elmyra gets captured by George and Leonard, who are working for Arthur Jabba, the owner of the Happy Sunny Oil company. Duncan tries to tell her Elmyra's been kidnapped, but she thinks he is playing one of his games and doesn't believe him. When he returns and tries to tell her again, she doesn't believe him, until a parade set up by Arthur tells them that Elmyra has been kidnapped and they must surrender the fuel formula if they want to see her again. Duncan helps her and the rest of the family by leading them to the warehouse where Elmyra is being held hostage.

In Grandma's Dead, she helps Elmyra cope with the loss of her dead hamster, Jan Brady, by teaching her the five stages of coping with the loss of a loved one. She gives Elmyra a tupperware bin to put the dead hamster in. Later in the episode, when she arrives home, she is surprised to find Elmyra holding a funeral in her backyard, but also thinks it's a creative solution for Elmyra to deal with the problem. It is also revealed in this episode that she works at a radio station, as when she tells Mac that Duncan is sick and unable to go to school, to call her there if it becomes an issue for him.

Appearances Outside of Tiny Toon Adventures

Emily has made several cameo appearances in Animaniacs. She can be seen in the jury in the cartoon, La La Law, alongside Mac watching television during The Brain's broadcast in the Pinky and the Brain cartoon, Battle For the Planet, and as a game show contestant in the cartoon, You Risk Your Life (though in the latter, she is referred to as "Mrs. Myra Puntridge"). Ironically, she did not appear in any episode of Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain.


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