"Excuse me, little boy, are you having trouble finding your seat?"

"Nope, it's wight hewe."

This article is about the little rabbit boy. You may be looking for Elmyra Duff's younger brother.

"I Was a Teenage Bunnysitter"

Duncan Potter is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He is a toddler rabbit with purple fur who wears glasses and a green striped shirt. He was voiced by Ben Ryan Ganger.

About Duncan

Duncan appears in "The Acme Home Shopping Show" episode segment "I Was a Teenage Bunnysitter". Babs Bunny, who has been told by her mother that she has to earn her money, gets a job babysitting him. During her stay at the Potters', she raids their fridge and calls Harriet, her unseen friend. Duncan introduces himself to Babs and tells her he's hungry. She gives him half of her sandwich, but he demands mashed potatoes (or as he calls them, "mashed topatoes"). He demands his mashed potatoes be carved into a man with spaghetti hair. He is also reluctant to eating the mashed potato man because if he eats him, he'll die. Babs asks him what his favorite dinosaur is (a T-rex) and asks what he'd do to a mashed potato man, and Duncan eats it. During his bedtime, Duncan demands a scary story. Babs tells him a scary story about a young rabbit who visited a cemetery at midnight, who met a monster that liked to eat bunnies like him, which scares Duncan. Babs, who didn't mean to scare him, apologizes. At the end of the episode, he is talking to Harriet and eating a sandwich while Babs is asleep on the couch.



  • "I want mashed topatoes!"
  • "He's bald." (About his mashed potato man)
  • "If I eat him, he'll die!" (Refusing to eat his mashed potato man)
  • "Time to go down in the basement and play with the power tools?" (During his bedtime)

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