The Duffs' Car is a light blue station wagon driven by Elmyra Duff's parents. In Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation, the family went to Wild Safari Zoo, and Elmyra jumped out of the car despite the announcer's regulations, and after abusing several animals in the zoo, the animals started getting revenge by throwing the parents out of the car and then escaping from the zoo, thus taking the car on joyride.


The Duffs' car is light blue on the exterior, and it has round headlamps, a Volvo-style grille, a roof rack, a single exhaust pipe, and red rectangular taillights. The interior is maroon with tan seats, power windows, and features some of Elmyra's toys. Despite the lack of seat belts, Elmyra sits in the booster seat where she is strapped in while riding in the car.


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