"Excuse me, little boy, are you having trouble finding your seat?"

"Nope, it's wight hewe."

This article is about the character. You may be looking for the episode segment of the same name.

Drooley Davey

Drooley Davey, as seen in the WWoE episode segment of the same name

Drooley Davey is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. He is a salivating human infant who has blond hair and wears nothing except his diaper. He speaks mostly in baby noises, provided by Kath Soucie. His "adult" voice at the end of the cartoon is provided by Frank Welker.


Drooley Davey (Episode Segment)

Drooley Davey first appears in the Wide World of Elmyra episode segment, Drooley Davey as the main protagonist. His parents were out for the evening and left Elmyra Duff in charge as his babysitter, much to his dismay. After his parents leave, Davey is chased around his house by Elmyra. She trips over his high chair, causing a bowl full of baby food to land on him, getting him very dirty. The first time she tries to bathe Davey, she uses too much bubble bath and he floats away in a bubble, which pops and he falls down the chimney (Elmyra asks if he was playing Santa Claus).

The second time she tries to bathe him, she warms up the water while he plays with some soap, which pushes all the buttons on his parents' hot tub, causing him to go down its drain. He is washed out the dishwasher and lands in his high chair. Elmyra, assuming he is hungry, warms up a bottle of milk in the microwave at 8,000,000 degrees. As a result, the bottle is extremely hot when the microwave finishes heating it. She is not immediately affected by the heat, as it takes longer for pain to reach her brain than the brains of more intelligent life forms. Davey runs away as the pain travels slowly to Elmyra's brain, eventually reaching it. After Davey's parents arrive home, they ask Elmyra if she can babysit the following night, which Elmyra agrees to. Not wanting to spend another night with her, Davey packs his bags, says "I Quit!" to his parents in a gruff voice, and runs away.

Lifeguard Lunacy

Drooley Davey makes a cameo appearance in the Pledge Week episode segment, Lifeguard Lunacy, playing ball with Li'l Sneezer and Mortimer.


  • Drooley Davey closely resembles Baby Herman from the Disney/Spielberg film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. He also acts in a similar way, as proven by him telling his parents, "I Quit!" in a gruff voice.
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