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Dizzy's Candy Quest is a video game released for the Game Boy Color. It was developed by Lost Boys Games and published in October 2001 by Crave Entertainment.


Montana Max has built Stubby, a robot to steal all of the candy in the world for Elmyra Duff. However, Stubby wasn't programmed all that well, so he and Elmyra have also cloned Hamton J. Pig, Sweetie Bird, and Gogo Dodo as well as others to retrieve Stubby for them so they can reprogram him to do their bidding. But one obstacle stands in their way: Dizzy Devil. Dizzy Devil befriends Stubby and the two team up to find candy for themselves and stop Montana Max, facing all of the clones on the way.


This game features Dizzy Devil on a quest to find candy for Stubby the Robot. The gameplay is done in an overhead style, similar to the Legend of Zelda video game series.

There are five worlds, (The Studios, Ice World, City, Gogo Dodo's world, and Acme Looniversity) with five levels each. In each level, Stubby will ask Dizzy to bring him a certain piece of candy, showing him where it is. After bringing Stubby the piece of candy, Stubby will show Dizzy where the next one is, until all the pieces of candy are found and brought to him. Dizzy must bring Stubby all the pieces of candy within the time limit to move onto the next level. Dizzy must beware of the various traps, including clones of the Tiny Toons cast. If Dizzy gets hit or falls into a pit, he loses a life, as well as the piece of candy if he is carrying it. If Dizzy loses the piece of candy, he will have to go back for it.

Dizzy has two special abilities. Pressing the A button allows him to spin, which can stun most of the clones for a few seconds. Pressing the B button summons Bookworm, who can activate switches when he runs over them. Blank switches are permanent, while switches with clock hands are temporary. However, Bookworm is shy, and will hide if any clones are in sight. Both of these special abilities take up power in Dizzy's meter. If too much power is lost, Dizzy cannot use either of these special abilities. The meter slowly refills itself, but you can refill it faster by finding a heart power-up.

At the end of each fifth level is a boss. To defeat the boss, Dizzy must turn all the colored squares grey by walking over them, while avoiding the boss' attacks.

After each level is complete, a password is awarded. Be sure to write these passwords down, as they will allow access to the stage you are currently on at a later time.



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