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Deputy Samuel Gerard (Look-Alike) is a minor villain who appeared in the Tiny Toon Adventures: Spring Break Special.


Deputy Samuel Gerard first appears when Elmyra calls him to meet her at the rooftop of the 12415 Baker Street building. When he first comes out of the helicopter, he instructs his men with different tasks such as Tri-State Roadblocks, calling forensics to check the scene, having dogs combing the wood (and for some strange reason) some little sprinkly candy chewies on a cupcake. When Elmyra approaches him, she offers to to love and hug him to pieces if he captures Buster, because she thinks he is the Easter Bunny. He grabs her and tells her that he doesn't bargain, then drops her to the ground, Then Elmyra plays her trump card and tells him that she has the one thing he wants, Harrison Ford in a cage at her house. After getting what he wants, he agrees to capture Buster for her.

Later in Fort Lauderdale, while in one of the three helicopters, Gerard and Elmyra cash into the Spring Breakers Hotel and, once again, he instructs his men with different tasks such as, sealing the perimeter, having all the phones wired, and getting him some new socks. Gerard questions the hotel manager on if he has seen a rabbit, and he asks what he looks like. Elmyra describes him as a "furry, fuzzilious hippity-hop Easter Bunny all full of jellybean-aroos." Gerard and Rodney both have blank looks on their faces at the ridiculous answer, as Rodney looks at Gerard and asks again on what he looks like. Gerard looks through the registry and notices a "Mr. Bunny" checked in recently in room 12, so he and Elmyra sneak up to the room. Elmyra delightfully replies, "Eeww, we're being sneaky," as Gerard quickly covers her mouth with his hand and she giggles. Gerard quietly opens up the door, but many of the Tiny Toons fall out of the room on top of him and Elmyra due to the tight space. Gerard tries to force himself up from beneath all of the toons, but it is no use as Babs (dressed as Groucho Marx) and Buster (dressed as Chico Marx) appear and mock them.

He later appears again with Elmrya when they chase Buster and Babs through the beach, then follow them into the hole that leads them to Washington D.C. during The Annual Easter Egg Roll. Upon coming out of the hole, Gerard tells Elmyra to use real words when she calls Buster and Babs "Hippity-hop bunnaloos". After seeing them escape to another hole, Gerard informs his men by radio that he wants his "chopper," the tunnel followed, maps and a Red Skeleton clown painting immediately. He doesn't appear during the  song, I'll Be Chasing You.

He and Elmyra follow the Bunnies through the sewers under the Washington monument, where during a boat ride, a force of flowing water sends the boat to the end of the tunnel and over the edge, but before it falls, a pair of arms reaches out from inside the tunnel and yanks Elmyra back in for safety. Gerard falls thousands of feet below, yelling, "I quit!" as he slams into the water. It is unknown if he survived or not.


  • Samuel Gerard's character is based on the character of Supervising Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard from the 1993 movie, The Fugitive.
  • Deputy Samuel Gerard is voiced by Maurice LaMarche who voices Dizzy Devil on Tiny Toon Adventures and The Brain on Animaniacs and its spin-off, Pinky and the Brain. Interestingly, Maurice LaMarche voiced a character similar to Samuel Gerard from the 90s tv series, The Critic in the episode, "From Chunk to Hunk".
  • Whenever Elmyra calls Buster and Babs by her "cutesy" names, Deputy Gerard tells her to talk and say normal words.

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