Decoy (right) with Batduck (left)

Decoy the Pig Hostage is Hamton J. Pig's alter-ego and sidekick of BatDuck. He is an obvious parody of the DC Comics Sidekick turned Hero, Robin the Boy Wonder.


He appears in the Inside Plucky Duck double-length episode segment, Bat's All, Folks as he was captured by Batduck's enemies. He makes his second appearance in the New Class Day episode segment, The Just-Us League of Supertoons, as he accompanied Batduck when he was invited to join their team. He makes his last appearance in the episode, The Return of Batduck, helping Plucky as Batduck prepare for his screen test for Batman Returns.


  • Strangely, Decoy has a bullseye in his costume, hinting he takes the most hits.

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