Davey's Mom and Dad

Davey's Parents are one-time characters on Tiny Toon Adventures. They appear in the Wide World of Elmyra episode segment, Drooley Davey. They are voiced by Tress MacNeille and Charlie Adler, respectively.


Davey's Mother is shown to be a woman with blonde hair. who wears a white shirt with a red stripe in the middle, a blue skirt, red high-heels, and a pearl necklace. Davey's Father is shown to be a man with brown hair, wearing a long-green sweater with a light-green collar shirt under it, Brown pants and dark brown shoes. and like most of the other characters' parents, they are only seen from the neck down.


They first appears in the begining of the cartoon where Davey's Mom puts Drooley Davey in his crib. As she tucks Davey in his crib with his toys, (one of which is a Buster Bunny doll,) Davey's Dad tells him that they will be out for the evening and that they are leaving him his (least) favorite babysitter; Elmyra. As they leave, Davey crawls to the window, wanting them to stay, but it is too late. Towards the end of the cartoon, when Davey falls asleep, Davey's Mom asks Elmyra if she can babysit tomorrow night, which Elmyra agrees to. However, when Davey hears that, he packs up his stuff and gives his parents a card that says, "I QUIT".


  • Davey's parents were voiced by Tress MacNeille and Charlie Adler, who also provided the voices of Babs and Buster Bunny, respectively. However, the voices that they used in particular were the ones for Babs' Mother and Father, respectively.

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