Dan Quayle is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the episode, Washingtoon. He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


Dan Quayle is an average sized man with dark blonde hair. He is shown to wear a blue suit with a white undershirt and a red tie, as well as black shoes. 


When Buster and Babs travel to Washington D.C. to talk to the president about The Adults Against Funny Cartoons Chairperson's plan to rid cartoons of what makes them funny and extract the Tooniness of all toons, turning them into dull and serious characters. They arrive at the White House to talk to him, only to be kicked out when The guard tells them, "Take the tour!", and shuts the door in their faces. Just as they are complaining that they failed their mission, inside the White House, U.S. Vice President, Dan Quayle, sees them and is excited to meet them. He runs outside and tells them that he is their biggest fan, and that he watches their show every day. He invites them over to give them a tour of his room. After coming into his room, which looks like a child's bedroom, Buster and Babs try to ask him the whereabouts of President George H.W. Bush, but before that, he asks Babs to do her famous catchphrase, "Don't I have the cutest toes?", which she reluctantly does. Dan tells them that the president is currently at Sleep-away Camp, Camp David. Babs and Buster set off, and as they leave, Dan removes his left shoe and sock and imitates Babs' catchphrase and laughs hysterically. He later appears again where he and the other Congressmen are in a meeting where he tells the others that Buster and Babs are his friends and that they have the floor to talk. After showing them Plucky's Learn-o-Rama, Dan and the other Members of the Congress fall asleep but are awakened thanks to Babs hitting a giant drum. After witnessing both Buster and Babs humiliating the AAFC Chairperson with their wacky antics, Dan tells the members it's time to vote. When he asks for everyone in favor to ban cartoons from TV to say, "Aye!", all that can be heard is a cricket chirping, and to all those opposed, it he tells them to laugh, in which everyone laughs and the new law to save cartoons is passed. After the AAFC Chairperson is defeated (and reunited with her Tooniness, which had been lost many years ago), Buster and Babs thank Dan and tell him that if he ever needs their help again, he can give them a call. Dan tells them, "Thanks, I will, in 1996!", and Buster gives Dan a high-five.


  • Although he does not appear in the episode "Dating, Acme Acres Style", he is mentioned in the gag credit for that episode.

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