Cooper DeVille is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the episodes Hollywood Plucky, Sepulveda Boulevard, and Toons Take Over. He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.


Cooper DeVille is a short man with brown hair, who wears glasses, a green collared shirt, light grey pants, and white shoes. 


In Hollywood Plucky, Mr. DeVille is first mentioned by Plucky in a dream sequence, as Plucky is hoping to sell his script, The Plucky Duck Story to him, so it can be made into a hit movie. To ensure his success, he also tells Buster and Babs to meet him in the desert, as they are planning to sell a similar script, The Buster and Babs Story to him. DeVille can then be seen as the subject of Hollywood Hopefuls on Entertoonmint 2-nite. Later in the cartoon, as Plucky is trying to get his feet out of a cement block by attaching it to the back of a bus outside a Frogrick's department store, he finds out that Mr. DeVille has just left the store, and tries to sell his script to him, but is unfortunately pulled away by the bus. Towards the end of the cartoon, when Plucky finally makes it to Mr. DeVille's office, he's sure he's accomplished his mission and sold his script to him. However, Mr. DeVille tells him he already made a similar movie entitled, The Buster and Babs Story after meeting Buster and Babs in the desert.

In Sepulveda Boulevard, Elmyra Duff (who is called Elmyra Desmond in the cartoon), after years of hiatus, has written a new cutesy-toon, 101 Cuddly Puppies Meet Princess Pretty Girl, and she wants Mr. DeVille to direct it. After Montana Max helps her rewrite the script (taking full credit of course), Hamton sends the script over to Mr. DeVille, taking Furrball with him, whom Gordon Cool, one of the directors in the WB studio, finds hilarious. When Elmyra returns to the WB studio, refusing to talk to anyone but Mr. DeVille, she becomes the talk of the studio. When he finds out she's returned, he figures it was because of the script she sent him, as he thinks she has more heart in her than anyone who ever worked in that town. He sits her down in his director's chair, and tries to tell her his opinion on the script she sent him, but she keeps interrupting him, thinking her script was the reason why he had Gordon Cool call her. He doesn't know what she's talking about, and later calls Gordon Cool, who wants to use Furrball in his next movie. After calling him, he tells one of his employees to tell Gordon Cool to forget about Furrball, as they will get him a different cat. That night, when Hamton discovers Monty's plan, he tells him that he, along with Mr. DeVille and a third guy whose name he can't remember, were the three biggest directors in his day. Monty tells Elmyra that her cartoon isn't going to be made, as the studio only wanted Furrball, and Mr. DeVille was to soft to tell her the truth. At the end of the cartoon, Mr. Deville directs Elmyra's new film, and after viewing it in a screening room, he takes all the credit, prompting Plucky, Monty, and Elmyra to beat him up as the cartoon irises out.

In Toons Take Over, Buster, Babs, and Plucky, who are tired of comedy, decide to talk to him about making an adventurous, dramatic, and romantic cartoon. When they reach his office, it is designed like a golf course. After they tell him their idea, he disapproves the genres of the cartoon, but thinks that having them direct it would be a great publicity stunt, and gives them their own director's offices. When they reveal to the staff their cartoon idea, the staff all run out of the building, but Mr. DeVille, who is floating above them in a helicopter, convinces them to come back by telling them there is free ice cream inside the building. After Buster, Babs, and Plucky finish their cartoon, Dawn of Despair, they are about to show it to the world, but Mr. DeVille and his yesmen stop them at his screening room, telling them he has to approve the cartoon before it can be shown to the world. As he, his yesmen, Buster and Plucky view the cartoon in the screening room, Babs pirates the satellite signal to show the cartoon to the world. Everyone (save for Buster, Babs, and Plucky) is disgusted by the cartoon, but none more than Mr. DeVille, who tells them to leave. After they leave, he and his yesmen find the cartoon so bad, it's good, and laugh hysterically. Buster, Babs, and Plucky overhear, and ask him if he liked the cartoon, and was glad they directed it. He tells them, "Yes" to both questions, but when they ask him if he's going to let them direct another, he tells them, "No!", but as a reward for making him laugh, he lets them keep their jobs, and sends them back to the Rehearsal Hall.


  • DeVille's appearance is based on that of Tiny Toons creator Tom Ruegger, while his voice is a parody of Woody Allen. His name is a pun on director Cecil DeMille (who played himself in the 1950 film Sunset Boulevard, which "Sepulveda Boulevard" parodies) and automobile style Coupe de Ville.
  • Based on his appearances, DeVille only seems to appear on the show once a season.
  • Cooper DeVille made a small cameo appearance on Animaniacs in the episode segment. La La Law as part of the jury.

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