Tiny Toon Adventures
Season 1, Episode 19
Tiny toon
The cast of 'Duck Trek' on the planet Follicle 4
Air date October 10, 1990
Written by Wayne Kaatz, Tom Minton, Sherri Stoner and Jim Reardon
Directed by Ken Boyer and Art Vitello
Gag credit Ken Boyer's shoes by - Otis
End tag Buster & Babs - "Aloha!"
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Cinemaniacs is the 19th aired episode and second production episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Buster and Babs go to the Acme Cinema, and invite their friends to watch parodies of popular movies with them. In between each episode segment, Montana Max, working as an usher, tries to stop them from "theater hopping".

Episode Segments


A parody of Superman, with Babs in the role of Superbabs (Superman), and with Montana Max in the role of a bald guy named Wex Wuthor (Lex Luthor).

Superbabs flies around the world and into Acme Acres as the announcer describes her as a strange bunny from another planet who came to Acme Acres to fight for truth, justice...(he is then suddenly interrupted as Superbabs, now as Babs Bunny, comes out of her rabbit hole with a stereo and finishes his statement with "And rock and roll").

Plucky and Hamton are on a lake, with Hamton is running out of breath blowing air into a sail attached to a surfboard in front of him that Plucky is riding. When Hamton is too exhausted to push Plucky anymore, Plucky is upset and enters Hamton's boat. The ink pours into the lake and quickly goes toward them.

Buster is playing a video game called "Carrot Crunchers", but an emergency broadcast interrupts his game (which Buster states must be really important to interrupt a video game) with the warning that a hideous blob is obliterating Acme Acres. The ink overwhelms the News Anchor on the television set then suddenly invades Buster's home.

Babs (singing and dancing to her stereo outside her rabbit hole) gets a beep from her wristwatch, which also acts as an Acme Acres Emergency Alarm, and she quickly changes from her regular outfit into her Superbabs outfit. She flies off to Buster's home and quickly pulls hm out before being overwhelmed by the ink. She then saves Plucky and Hamton from the same situation from their boat.

Superbabs goes after Wex by disguising herself as a television talk show host and questioning Wex. He reveals to her that he created a machine that reached out from space and through the drawing paper, grabbing a bottle of ink from the table and pouring it on the drawing that has Acme Ares on it. The talk show host then reveals herself as Superbabs to Wex, as he responds with telling her he knows her super weakness and pulls out a large carrot cake. She tries to resist at first, but gives in and eats one after another as Wex keeps giving them to her (laughing hysterically the entire time), until she is so obese she can barely move.

Wex plans to rename Acme Acres to WutherLand, which he describes as "the unhappiest place on earth...with free parking". Wex leaves as SuperBabs pushes a button on her utility belt with her ear, which brings out a TV with a work-out video of herself on it. She fast-forwards the tape so she can work out faster and get thin quickly to stop Wex Wuther. The plan works and Superbabs is back to normal. Wex is going to repaint the drawing to be WutherLand, but is thwarted as Superbabs pops out of the drawing and duels with him.

She fights with him in a sword-like battle, but instead using paint brushes (Superbabs with white-out on her brush and Wex with paint in his). Superbabs defeats him, but spares his life. Meanwhile, Buster, Plucky, and Hamton are huddled up together with the ink about to consume them, but suddenly the ink begins to subside, sparing them their lives. Wex is forced to clean up Acme Acres by using the white-out on a paint brush to erase it.

Hamton wonders who Superbabs could be, as Plucky replies "That's easy. Who else do we know named Super?"

Duck Trek

A parody of Star Trek, with Hamton as Spork (Spock), Plucky as Captain Jim Quirk (Jim Tiberius Kirk) and Furrball (in a rare speaking appearance) as Dr. Furr (Dr. McCoy).

They go on a quest together looking for a toupee on the planet Frolicle 4 by beaming themselves down from their ship (which is similar to the Enterprise, but has a duck-billed shape to it). They split up from three other crew members on Plucky's order. The other members (Shirley, Sweetie, and Saul Sheepdog all wearing red shirts) go off into the distance and immediately get killed. Their bodies are dissolved in some type of black goo which Hamton determines to be from hair tonic, as Dr. Furr proclaims they're "greased."

Suddenly, Gossamer (credited as Hair Monster) comes out from the thick hair and growls at them, which Spork interprets as telling them that he is the ruler of the planet. Captain Quirk tries to reason with him, but gets smashed and they retreat. Gossamer pulls out a giant electric razor and chases after them. They are snatched up by long, giant hairs that suspend them in air and begins to strangle them. Quirk wants his crew to do something about the situation, and Spork begins to talk about all the problems that could occur with hair. The hair suddenly begins to turn solid white and crack, which Quirk says is the planet worrying itself bald.

Gossamer is catching up to them, but the electric razor reaches the end of its cord and is unplugged, causing him to fall off and bounce until he is knocked out. Quirky, Spork and Dr. Furr are freed, and as all the hair falls out, the planet turns around and reveals itself to be Telly Savalas (saying his trademark line "Who loves you, baby?").

They leave the planet and Plucky is now wearing Gossamer as his new wig, which Gossamer replies "Eh, it's a living."

Pasadena Jones

A parody of Indiana Jones, with Buster as the main protagonist (dressed with a jacket, hat, and carrying pack with a whip in it all very similar to Indiana Jones). The announcer introduces this story as Pasadena Jones and the Secret of Life, which Buster (as Pasadena Jones) is looking for.

Pasadena arrives in the Himalayas by riding a long, red solid line that is traveling through the sky (much like the red line used to show where Indiana Jones was traveling to on a map). He uses his whip to catch a tree branch growing off a cliff as he plummets thousands of feet below. He climbs up the mountain and grabs out his map to see where to go, only to come across a bunch of hostiles with spears led by Harris Goulash (Montana Max). Goulash takes his map and rides off on a tricycle. Pasadena distracts the hostiles (by pointing another direction and saying it's Merv Griffin), and uses his whip to attach himself to Goulash's back tire. Pasadena moves up the rope as he dragged across the ground and board the tricycle. They fight atop the bike across the mountain cliffs and end up tearing the map in two, sending Pasadena rolling off of the bike with half the map. Goulash looks back and taunts him, but smashes into a rock, allowing Pasadena to take the other half back as well.

Pasadena then runs into the Abominable Snowman (a giant snowman with a carrot nose, top hat and a broom that turns into nunchaku), but he just yawns and pulls out a flamethrower, completely torching the snowman. He then checks the map and wonders where the Temple of the Secret of Life is, as suddenly Hamton announces it through loudspeakers attached to the temple which is right in front of Pasadena. Hamton is behind a booth selling tickets for the secret of life, but as Pasadena tries to get one, Goulash rushes in front of him and wants one first. Pasadena allows him to go ahead and Goulash rushes into the temple, but he is abruptly trampled and beaten, coming back out of the temple caught in a a large mousetrap.

Pasadena then goes inside with Goulash following back in after him. They race in separate mine carts with Pasadena slightly ahead. They hit ground and go through several booby traps including spears, saws, knives, hungry alligators, and a giant 8-ball. They reach a huge gold door with a question mark on it, as Goulash runs up to it and tries to pull it open. The door falls and smashes him, as Pasadena calmly walks over the door.

Pasadena walks up to a gold chest and opens it. A voice asks if he wishes to know the secret to like, which Pasadena responds with an excitable "Yeah...yeah! What is it?" Suddenly, Babs, Plucky and Hamton pop out and surprises Pasadena. Plucky, Hamton and Babs give each other a hug and Babs explains to Pasadena that friends are the secret to life. Pasadena looks upset and responds "In the sequel, I'm going after some gold."


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Kath Soucie Fifi La Fume
Frank Welker Gossamer
Rob Paulsen Furrball
William Woodson Narrator



  • Buster (playing a video game): "Check it out, crew. Top score of Carrot Crunchers."
Announcer: "We interrupt this broadcast for a special report."
Buster: "It must really be important to cut in on a video game."
  • Wex Wuthor: "As soon as Acme Acres is inked out, I'll simply repaint it as Wutherland, the Unhappiest Place on Earth...With plenty of free parking."
  • Hamton: "I wonder who she really is."
Plucky: "That shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Now who do we know named Super?"
  • Plucky: "Wait till' you see this film; It's superlative! It's smashing! It's stupendous! It's..."
Buster: "It's starting."
  • Plucky: "Someday you'll have to explain how this thing works, Mr. Spork."
Furrball: "How it works? Why, it's so simple, a child could do it!"
Li'l Sneezer: "I'm only three and a half years old."
  • Announcer: "When last we left our hero, he was flying somewhere over the Orient."
Buster (riding the red line): "Someday I gotta get me a plane."
  • Buster: "In the sequel, I'm going after some gold."


  • Each episode segment is a parody of a series of famous movies. SuperBabs is a parody of Superman, specifically, the Richard Donner films starring Christopher Reeve, Duck Trek is a parody of Star Trek, and Pasedena Jones is a parody of Indiana Jones (a series of films Spielberg himself was involved in).
  • Wex Wuthor's theme park, Wutherland's slogan, The Unhappiest Place on Earth, is a play on the famous Disneyland slogan, The Happiest Place on Earth.
  • During a workout video, Babs plays Jane Bunda, a parody of Jane Fonda.
  • The song that Babs dances and sings to in "Super Babs" is "I Dig Rock and Roll Music" by Peter, Paul & Mary.


  • In the credits, Danny Cooksey is listed as Montana Max's alter-ego Wex Wuthor, instead of Monty himself.
  • The episode segment, "Super Babs" is a remake of "Super-Rabbit" (parodies the same thing).
  • This was one of the first episodes to be recorded as Montana Max's voice is higher than usual as it was recorded before Danny Cooksey hit puberty.
  • In the episode segment, "Duck Trek", Furrball has a rare speaking appearance.
  • Kath Soucie is credited as Lil' Sneezer, though that clearly isn't her voice speaking.


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