"But Buster, it takes dozens of highly paid network executives YEARS to come up with a TV show!"

"Which means it should take us... about as long as this next commercial break."


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"Your honor, I'm Buster's lawyer, and I'd like to present these photos as evidence."

"Evidence of what?"

"My photographic skills."

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The Chocolate Factory Manager is a one-time villain or appears in the You Asked For It Again segment Hold the Sugar. He is voiced by Greg Burson.


He is shown to be a large fat man with black hair and black red lips. He also wears a candy maker outfit with a blue bowtie.


When he saw all The Chief Ant and the other ants eating his chocolate, he was super happy as he plans to make all of the ants into chocolate covered ants (which would make-up for the chocolate-covered hornet mishap last month.) he also plans to sneak and eat a few books from the loading dock for himself. It is assumed that he was devastated when all of the Ants didn't became chocolate.

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