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Chewcudda about to attack Plucky

Chewcudda is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. animated television series Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears only once in the show, in the episode "A Quack in the Quarks", a parody of Star Wars. Chewcudda is a parody of Chewbacca, except that he is a bull and not a wookie. Chewcudda also wears an ammo utility belt around his torso and over his shoulder. He is based on the Looney Tunes character Toro the bull, from "Bully for Bugs".

Chewcudda goes along for the ride with Plucky and Frank and Ollie, two young alien ducklings who came to earth seeking a savior but instead found Plucky, as they set off to try and take down Duck Vader and his versions of stormtroopers, with armor shaped like ducks. Plucky mistakes him for a beanbag at first and sits on him, but Chewcudda reveals himself and yells the green duck dressed similar to Luke Skywalker into a wall. Plucky sticks out his tongue at the large bull, but this makes him furious and he charges into him. Chewcudda charges into anything or anyone when he sees the color red, as Ollie states, "It's the bull in him."

Later, he is captured by the stormtroopers, and his feet are tied up together by rope. He chews on grass and spits it at a couple of the stormtroopers, knocking them over. When Frank throws a bottle of ketchup at Duck Vader, it busts and covers him in it, causing Chewcudda to break free from his rope and charge into Vader, sending him across the room and knocking him unconscious.