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"Toons Take Over"

Charlie Dog is a recurring Looney Tunes character that appears rarely in Tiny Toon Adventures. He made his debut in the 1947 short "Little Orphan Airedale". He was voiced by Frank Welker.

About Charlie

Charlie is a brown and tan mutt.

In the Furrball Follies episode segment, Cross-Country Kitty, Charlie makes a cameo appearance alongside various other WB cartoon dogs, such as Marc Anthony and Sam Sheepdog, as Sweetie has invited various dogs over to Mary Melody's apartment to celebrate Furrball's "birthday" (which is really just a plan by Sweetie to prevent Furrball from eating her).

In the You Asked for It Again episode segment, Elmyra at the Mall, Charlie is the "director" (wearing green slacks, blue dress shirt and a purple hat, holding a megaphone and sitting in a director's chair) of the pet store in the Acme Mall. He "directs" the hopeful pets to look "cute" and "adorable," among other things, for the customers. No one is interested in getting any pets this day as the mall approaches closing time, so Charlie tells them not to despair and that tomorrow is another day. Suddenly, they hear Elmyra and her parents coming towards the pet store, as the animals flee or hide in terror when she arrives. Charlie is presumably successful in hiding or escaping the pet store from Elmyra, as he is not shown again.

In Toons Take Over, Charlie is shown watching television at a large home with two children. Their program is interrupted when Babs changes the satellite signals to show a film made and starring her, Buster, Hamton and Plucky. Charlie and the children seem somewhat interested when they believe it is a regular Tiny Toon Adventures episode, but they gag at how horrible it is once they begin watching it.

Charlie appears in Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool as one of the toons wanting to learn to be "cool" from Mr. Popular.

In Citizen Max, Charlie is with many other Acme Acres citizens and students campaigning for the next Acme Looniversity student body president between Buster and Montana Max.