Cecil Turtle, as seen in Looney Tunes.

Cecil Turtle is a character from Looney Tunes who makes a one-time appearance on Tiny Toon Adventures. Although they were never seen together, Tyrone the Turtle is Cecil's Tiny Toon counterpart. On the Looney Tunes shorts, Cecil is one of Bugs Bunny's few rivals who is able to beat him, as Cecil beat Bugs in all three races, in the cartoons, Tortoise Beats Hare, Tortoise Wins By A Hare, and Rabbit Transit, respectively.

Cecil makes a brief appearance in the opening wraparound to the episode, Going Places, as the bus driver. He falls asleep until the teacher wakes him up and tells him they are 12.5 seconds behind schedule. When he finally does start the bus, he leaves at a high speed, crashes the bus through the gate, and eventually crashes into a fire hydrant when it reaches the Acme Acres Firehouse.


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