Captain Tupelo Toad

Captain Tupelo Toad is a character in Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation. He was voiced by Joe Alaskey.


Tupelo Toad is an anthropomorphic brown toad with one eye pupil pink and the other just a black dot. he alway wears a captain uniform.


He first appeared during Buster, Babs and Byron event on the river, when their table boat crash into Tupelo's boat. Buster made it to the boat, but Babs and Byron was still in the river, only to be saved by him. After boarding the boat, Tupelo appeared, along with his crew, and told them he doesn't like stowaways on his ship, The Delta Bruck. Then Babs, thinking is was the cue for a song and turned into a Shirley Temple look-alike with blonde curly and a big lollipop and begain to sing parody of "on the good ship lollipop" only to be stopped by by Buster who took her lollipop and place it in her mouth. Liking her impression, Tupelo decided to let Buster and Babs perform at his show. Babs liked the idea but Buster told him that they needed to head home to Acme Acres, Then Babs turns into a Lucy Ricardo look-alike and told Buster she want to be in the show (in the same way Lucy tells Ricky). Then Tupelo takes Buster and Babs into his show for a agreement. Later back on the ship, Tupelo introduce Buster and Babs on stage, who discovered that the audience are hungry animals (including The Boo Sisters, Big Daddy Boo, The Possum Family, and the The Wolverine) and that they are dinner. While running from the audience,Buster and Babs ran into Tupelo, who was with the wolverine and two members of the Possum. After Bryon saved them (in which he flew them to land) Tupelo lead a manhunt to found them and told the others "The first one to found them, get to chew on the good parts". After Buster, Babs and Byron was trapped between Tupelo, the mob and Mr. Hitcher, Banjo Possum saved them. He was last seen,with the mob, when the tree that Mr. Hitcher cut down fell on them.

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