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Calamity Coyote is a character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears often in the show.


Calamity is a 10-year-old blueish-gray male coyote. He resembles Wile E. Coyote, but he is a little wider whereas the latter is skinny, he lacks the bags around his eyes, his ears are less detailed, his snout is smoother and shorter and he has a red, wide nose, as opposed to Wile’s long one that often droops. His cherry-red nose is similar to Ralph Wolf, who’s identical to Wile E.

His main form of clothing is merely red high tops. Whenever his eyes are drawn with irises, they are dark blue, though at one time, they were yellow in a 1997 advert.

He never speaks, communicating instead with written signs (though a voice credit is officially given to Frank Welker, mainly for the laughs and other noises he provides Calamity). He also occasionally yowls in a high pitched voice.

He attends Acme Looniversity and lives in Acme Acres. Given his age, he along with Little Beeper have likely skipped three or four grades.

Calamity has been chasing Little Beeper since infancy and both lived in the desert until his father got a job in ACME Acres and moved the family - and Little Beeper happened to move to ACME Acres at the same time.[1]

Like his mentor and favorite teacher, Wile E. Coyote, Calamity has a penchant for inventing traps and other devices. He wants to catch Little Beeper with the use of a invention or a ACME product instead of his own natural instincts and winds up in a horrifically painful predicament. Unlike Wile E., however, Calamity seems genuinely competent and more technically proficient than the older coyote, even manoeuvring himself out of his skyscraper plummet by switching Wile E. into his place.

In the "New Class Day" episode segment "Just-Us League of Supertoons", Calamity is a member of the mighty superhero team. He is Keen Arrow, a parody of Green Arrow.


Calamity Coyote is a "techno-whiz" prodigy. He's a young genius with a knack for jerry-rigging any toy into an instrument of destruction. Little Beeper, the object of his pursuit, is always one step ahead...his experiments generally start out brilliantly, then conclude by blowing up in the coyote's face. Still, the little coyote has perseverance. He gets back on his feet, only to trip right over them again. Calamity is jealous of Beeper's athletic prowess and lives for the day when he can catch the fleet-footed bird. To that end, the coyote employs a wide array of roadrunner catching devices which he orders from the Acme Shopping Network.

Calamity is often shown reading various science textbooks; Quantum Physics, Computer Animation, etc. Other Tiny Toon characters have acknowledged him as a "science whiz" and even seem willing to trust their lives and well-being to his skills. Perhaps it is primarily his young age and inexperience -- along with Acme merchandise -- that have been the undoing of his efforts. Interestingly enough, the gadgets that he creates generally work perfectly as long as they don't directly benefit him. When a device would help Calamity, it malfunctions. For example, in the K-Acme TV sketch Gyp-Parody, when Calamity is one of the contestants, he knows the question to every answer, but his buzzer refuses to work.

Like Furrball, Calamity is prone to bad luck and painful situations, because he slightly provoked someone or for no reason at all. Despite this, he is slightly more lucky than his mentor. Even some adults - including Wile E. - will harm Calamity because he either tried to make them look bad or will brag in the little coyote’s face when he thinks he is falling to his death.

For the most part - except when he’s trying to kill Little Beeper or assisting Montana Max - a lot of trickery or violence from Calamity is just out of retaliation, but his success in getting back goes two ways. Sometimes he does, other times he doesn’t. At least in the 1990 series, he seems to be friends with a variety of students, like Buster, the unfortunate Furrball and the bully Montana. Sometimes, he hangs out with Little Beeper and even if he tries to kill him, he seemingly cares about him more than Little Beeper cares about him.

In the reboot, Calamity has no interest in killing and eating Little Beeper.

Appearances without Beeper

In the It's Buster Bunny Time episode segment, Bag That Bunny, Elmyra Duff offers Calamity her allowance to catch Buster Bunny for her (similar to Wile E. Coyote in a few Bugs Bunny cartoons), but he fares about as well capturing Buster as he does with Little Beeper. Elmyra decides to make him her pet instead, although he manages to escape from her and The Elmyra Swarm (a group of similar aged girls to Elmyra, who act, dress and speak like her as well) in the second wraparound.

Calamity is the main protagonist in the Pledge Week episode segment, Lifeguard Lunacy, where he works as a junior lifeguard under the supervision of Arnold the Pit Bull (who mentally and physically abuses him the entire time). He is unsuccessful at the job at first, mainly because it's his first day as well as Elmyra trying to "help" (constantly making things worse for him). When he manages to rescue Arnold from the pool (who, ironically, can't swim), the babes that were wooing over the large and buff pit bull now turn their attention to Calamity for being a hero.

Although Calamity is normally a friend to Buster, Babs and the other Tiny Toons, he is occasionally not, sometimes even working for Montana and Elmyra. Such examples include the episode "Hero Hamton", where he is one of Monty's helpers, and the opening to "Weekday Afternoon Live", where he is a member of Montana Max's band.


  • Chuck Jones strongly disliked Calamity Coyote, Little Beeper and another character, and reportedly called them; “re*****ed red-headed stepchildren”. As such, they were not used as much as other characters. [2]


Season 1

  • Episode 1: The Looney Beginning -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 2: A Quack in the Quarks -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 5: The Buster Bunny Bunch -- Episode segment: Born to be Riled (Main role)
  • Episode 6: Her Wacky Highness -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 9: It's Buster Bunny Time -- Episode segment: Bag that Bunny (Main role), Prologue to the episode segment: Lifestyles of the Rich and Rotten (Cameo)
  • Episode 11: Starting from Scratch -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 14: The Acme Acres Zone -- Episode segment: Senserely Yours, Babs (Main role)
  • Episode 17: Prom-ise Her Anything -- (Minor role)
  • Episode 20: You Asked for It -- Prologue before the episode segment: Debutante Devil (Cameo: A still image is shown)
  • Episode 21: Gang Busters -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 22: Citizen Max -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 28: The Wacko World of Sports -- Episode segment: Miniature Golf (Cameo)
  • Episode 32: Spring in Acme Acres -- Episode segment: Love Among the Toons (Cameo: A still image of a clay version is shown), Episode segment: Elmyra's Spring Cleaning (Cameo)
  • Episode 33: Psychic Fun-omenon Day -- Prologue before the episode segment: Piece of Mind (Cameo), Episode segment: Piece of Mind (Main role), Episode segment: Class Cut-Up (Cameo)
  • Episode 36: Animaniacs! -- (Minor role)
  • Episode 37: Career Oppor-Toon-ities -- Episode segment: Falling to Pizzas (Main role)
  • Episode 39: Inside Plucky Duck -- Prologue before the episode segment: Bat's All Folks (Cameo), Prologue before the episode segment: Wild Takes Class (Cameo), Episode segment: Wild Takes Class (Minor role)
  • Episode 40: The Acme Bowl -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 41: Dating, Acme Acres Style -- Episode segment: Love Stinks (Main role)
  • Episode 42: Looniversity Daze -- Prologue before the episode segment: The Learning Principal (Cameo), Episode segment: The Learning Principal (Cameo), Prologue before the episode segment: Eating Between the Lines (Cameo), Episode segment: What's Up Nurse? (Minor role)
  • Episode 43: Best O' Plucky Duck Day -- Episode segment: One Minute Til' Three (Cameo)
  • Episode 44: Hero Hamton -- (Supporting role)
  • Episode 46: Ask Mr. Popular -- Episode segment: Dapper Diz (Cameo), Prologue before the episode segment: A Pigment of His Imagination (Cameo: A still image is shown), Episode segment: A Pigment of His Imagination (Supporting role)
  • Episode 47: Son of Looniversity Daze -- Prologue before the episode segment: Plucky's Dastardly Deed (Cameo), Episode segment: Plucky's Dastardly Deed (Cameo), Episode segment: C Flat or B Sharp? (Cameo)
  • Episode 48: Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool -- Episode segment: Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool (Cameo)
  • Episode 52: The Return of the Acme Acres Zone -- Episode segment: Real Kids Don't Eat Broccoli (Cameo: A robot version is shown), Episode segment: Duck Dodgers Jr. (Cameo: A still image is shown)
  • Episode 53: The Acme Home Shopping Show -- Episode segment: Oh, For Art's Sake (Cameo)
  • Episode 54: Weirdest Story Ever Told -- Prologue to the episode segment: Robin Hare (Cameo), Episode segment: Robin Hare (Minor role)
  • Episode 55: Viewer Mail Day -- Episode segment: Out of Odor (Cameo)
  • Episode 56: Son of the Wacko World of Sports -- Episode segment: Buster at the Bat (Minor role), Episode segment: Acme Acres Summer Olympics (Supporting role)
  • Episode 60: How Sweetie It Is -- Epilogue after the episode segment: The Raven (Cameo: Face not shown)
  • Episode 63: No Toon Is an Island -- (Cameo: Shown in Hamton's dream sequence)
  • Episode 64: K-Acme TV -- (Supporting role)

Season 2

  • Episode 66: Pledge Week -- Prologue before the episode segment: Lifeguard Lunacy (Cameo), Episode segment: Lifeguard Lunacy (Main role)
  • Episode 68: Elephant Issues -- Episode segment: Why Dizzy Can't Read (Cameo: Face not shown), Episode segment: C.L.I.D.E. and Prejudice (Cameo)
  • Episode 69: Hog Wild Hamton -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 70: Playtime Toons -- Episode segment: Fit to be Toyed (Cameo: Shown in Montana Max's imagination)
  • Episode 71: Toon Physics -- Episode segment: The Year Book Star (Cameo)
  • Episode 72: Acme Cable TV -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 74: Henny Youngman Day -- Prologue before the episode segment: Stand-Up and Deliver (Cameo), Prologue before the episode segment: The Potty Years (Cameo)
  • Episode 75: Love Disconnection -- Prologue before the episode segment: My Dinner with Elmyra (Cameo: A still image is shown), Episode segment: My Dinner with Elmyra (Cameo)
  • Episode 76: Kon Ducki -- Episode segment: The Making of Kon Ducki (Cameo)

Season 3

  • Episode 79: Thirteensomething -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 80: New Class Day -- Episode segment: Just-Us League of Supertoons (Supporting role), Prologue before the episode segment: Sound Off (Cameo: Face not shown), Episode segment: Sound Off (Cameo), Prologue before the episode segment: A Night in Kokomo (Cameo)
  • Episode 81: Fox Trot -- Episode segment: Can't Buy Me Love (Cameo: Shown on film)
  • Episode 82: What Makes Toons Tick -- Prologue before the episode segment: Whirlwind Romance (Cameo), Prologue before the episode segment: Nothing to Sneeze At (Cameo)
  • Episode 85: Toons Take Over -- (Cameo: A sketched version is shown)
  • Episode 89: Washingtoon -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 90: Toon TV -- Music video segment: Toon Out, Toon In (Cameo)
  • Episode 92: Music Day -- Episode segment: The Horn Blows At Lunchtime (Cameo)
  • Episode 95: Weekday Afternoon Live -- (Minor role)
  • Episode 97: Best of Buster Day -- Episode segment: Compromising Principals (Cameo)
  • Episode 98: It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special -- (Minor role)



Tiny Toons Looniversity

Video Games

  • Babs' Big Break for Game Boy: He owns a factory where the player can ride a rocket-powered bicycle to make it to Montana Max's mansion, while at the same time, outrunning Elmyra Duff. Buster is the only one who volunteers, as Plucky doesn't think the bicycle is safe, and Hamton doesn't want to fall off and get dirty. As Buster leaves on the bicycle, Calamity gets burned by the tailpipe.
  • Buster Busts Loose for SNES: He appears in the cutscene for the Buster's Sky-jinks level. He tells Buster that he has hidden an item up in the temple in the sky, and provides a hot air balloon for Buster to ride there. He also cameos in all of the bonus rounds, with the exception of Hamton's bonus round.
  • Buster's Hidden Treasure for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive: He is a boss, where he is brainwashed by Dr. Gene Splicer. His basic attack is tossing bombs. To disable the mind control, Buster must jump on Splicer's head several times, as Splicer is hiding in one of several boxes attached to a water wheel. After Buster defeats Splicer, Calamity will fall down the waterfall.
  • Acme All-Stars for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive: He is one of twelve playable characters in multiplayer mode. This is the only game he is playable in.
  • Defenders of the Universe for PlayStation 2: He occasionally flies in on a red plane chasing Little Beeper, firing a machine gun in a straight line or dropping a large TNT keg that creates a huge explosion, being able to damage players or enemies caught in the crossfire.
  • Calamity Coyote's other appearances in the Tiny Toon Adventures video games are mostly cameo appearances, usually showing him chasing Little Beeper.



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