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Butina during her audition with Buster

Butina Bunny is one of the three female rabbits that auditions for the role of Buster's new co-host when Babs joined Thirteensomething in the episode, Thirteensomething.


Buntina is a tall (and ugly) orange-furred rabbit wearing a light-green dress shirt, with a green bow, pink sneakers and one unibrow.


After Babs was dared to join her favorite drama show, Buster held auditions for her replacement and Butina was next to audition. For her script, she and Buster are surrounded by a furious furrer and was asked to spin around and do a Zsa Zsa impression. However, when she read the script, Buster didn't believe her, then she claimed she can play music with her nose, in which she played the Tiny Toon Adventures theme song.