Babs affectionately hugging Buster while asking him if she has the cutest toes. Must had been quite an experience for Buster, as it causes him to melt affectionately.

The Buster and Babs Relationship is the main relationship of the series. It focuses on the relationship of Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny.


As the Co-hosts of the series, it would make sense for Buster and Babs to be a couple, due to their adventures together without their friends. Despite some of the conflicts that occured in a few episodes that almost costed their friendship, they've always managed to mend their friendship and love each other no matter what.

Buster's Feelings for Babs

Buster has been shown many times to be attracted to Babs, though the feeling is usually mutual. Sometimes he nervously retreats from her advances, sometimes he returns her affection, and sometimes he even goes out of his way to impress her. He takes her to the prom in the episode, Prom-ise Her Anything, and also has a date with her in the Dating, Acme Acres Style episode segment, Buster's Guide to Dating. In the second wraparound to the episode, Love Disconnection, when Buster (as the host) interviews Babs about her ideal boyfriend, he slyly remarks to the viewers, "as if I didn't already know", indicating he knows Babs is attracted to him. In the episode, The Acme Bowl, Buster mentions to the viewers that the only reason he became a quarterback is so that he could date the head cheerleader, who is none other than Babs Bunny. In the episode, Thirteensomething, Buster goes through a depressing state when he misses Babs, even saying he might end up as the mayor of Palm Springs. In the It's Buster Bunny Time episode segment, The Anvil Chorus, Buster tells Plucky to be careful as Babs might have been hurt, showing that he cares about Babs and would hate to see her hurt.

Babs' Feelings for Buster

Babs has been shown to be easily attracted to Buster, though the feeling is usually mutual. In the episode, Prom-ise Her Anything, when Babs hints to Buster about taking her to the prom, he nervously retreats from her, not because he doesn't want to go with her, but because he doesn't know how to dance. While Babs waits impatiently and anxiously in her burrow for Buster to ask her out, Buster is at the Acme Looniversity Film Vault, trying to learn some dance moves from the Bugs Bunny cartoon, Hot Cross Bunny. When he does finally arrive at her burrow, he apologizes for keeping her waiting and gives her a rose as Li'l Sneezer plays the saxophone, making Babs very happy that Buster finally asked her out. In the Henny Youngman Day episode segment, Lame Joke, after Buster's Joke dies, Babs tries to comfort him by saying that he should take some time to mourn the loss of his joke and that someday he'll make a new one, then she kisses him on the cheek. In Thirteensomething, Babs begins to miss Buster while working on the show. Later on, after she returns home, she even tells Buster that her better half is nothing without his half. Then as she is about to give him a kiss, she pulls down a shade, telling the viewers that their kiss is private. In It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special, Buster gives Babs a kiss on the lips as his Christmas gift to her, making Babs very happy and causing her to melt into a puddle.

Times the Two Have Fought or Not Been Friends

  • In the episode, Hare-Raising Night, Buster is sent by Bugs Bunny to stop Dr. Gene Splicer and tells him to bring his friends. However, in order to get them to come along with him, Buster tells them they're going to the Emmy Awards (which Plucky believes the entire time). When Babs starts to suspect that Buster lied to her, she doesn't want to talk to him. Later, when Melvin the Monster, one of Splicer's failed experiments has been captured by Splicer, Babs wants her friends, who have just rescued the other animals, to stay behind and help her save Melvin. Buster refuses, and all four get captured by Splicer. After Splicer is defeated, Buster makes up for lying to his friends by taking them to the real Emmy Awards and he and Babs apologize to each other.
  • In the Spring in Acme Acres episode segment, Love Among the Toons, Buster is trying to paint a sign for the Acme Looniversity Spring Picnic and Babs is trying to hold the ladder steady while he does it. When he falls off the ladder, he argues with her over whether or not she held it straight. Concord Condor, who is filling in for Cupid, sees them arguing and tries to fix the problem, and although the first arrow succeeds in hitting Babs, the second arrow that was meant for Buster accidentally hits Montana Max, who gets in the way because he is in a grumpy mood. This results in Monty and Babs falling in love with each other. Buster tries to talk Babs out of it, as Monty is neither her type nor her species, but to no avail, as Babs is too lovestruck to listen to him. When Cupid is forced to take his job and his arrows back, Babs and Monty are about to get married to each other. Cupid fires his anti-love arrows at them just as they kiss, returning them to their normal (and not so loving) feelings for each other.
  • In the episode, No Toon Is an Island, they, along with Plucky and Hamton agree to split the treasure they found equally among the four of them. However, the next morning, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton's shares of the treasure get stolen. They all accuse Buster of stealing it (when it was really the X-Bird who did it), and they all fight over the remaining share of the treasure.
  • In the episode, Thirteensomething, Buster and Babs argue when they both want to watch something different on television after school. Buster wants to watch football, Babs wants to watch Thirteensomething, and neither one of them wants to watch what the other one wants to watch. Plucky settles their dispute with a coin toss, with the Heads side being for football, and the Tails side being for Thirteensomething. The coin lands on the Tails side, and Buster is forced to watch Thirteensomething at Babs' burrow, much to his disdain. Plucky explains to Buster that his coin was double-sided, but he forgot which side was doubled. When Babs wishes she could be on Thirteensomething, Buster dares her to audition. To his surprise, Babs aces the audition, leaving him to audition a replacement co-host for Tiny Toon Adventures, with no success.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Weekday Afternoon Live, Buster enters the powder room to tell a joke to Babs. His joke is "How does a dumb bunny answer a question?" Babs says, "I don't know.", and Buster tells her she's right. Babs takes offense to Buster's joke, then Buster asks Babs if he can use it while he's opening the show. Babs tells Buster she's hosting the show, and they both argue over who get to host it. Like the aforementioned Thirteensomething episode, they both settle their dispute with a coin toss, with Buster choosing the Heads and Babs choosing the Tails side, except this time, the coin lands on the Heads side, meaning Buster gets to host the show.
  • In the episode, It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special, during the Cher and Cher Alike sketch, Buster wants to whisper to Cher privately. Montana Max, who wants revenge on Buster for cutting him from the Christmas Special, convinces Babs that Buster is flirting with Cher. Babs tries not to believe him, but she's not sure. Later, Monty cuts a hole in the ice and places a tank of piranhas underneath, which Cher lands in. When Buster asks Babs what happened, she tells him, "Your new girlfriend fell through the ice." When Monty is put in charge of the Christmas Special, Buster apologizes for all the trouble he put his friends through. Babs, along with the rest of Buster's friends, realize maybe they were too hard on him, and under the advice of Shirley the Loon, they decide to pray for him. Towards the end of the episode, when Monty is fired and Buster is re-hired, Babs is still mad at Buster and asks him why he was whispering to Cher. Cher told her that he wanted to know what to get her for Christmas. To prove it, he gave her a kiss out of his own accord.


  • The relationship of Buster and Babs is based on that of Bugs Bunny and Honey Bunny.
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