Buster's Parents are the unseen parents of Buster Bunny who are never seen on Tiny Toon Adventures.


For over the years/seasons Buster's parents have never been seen or heard from by the characters and fans of the show. Occasionally, their existence is implied by the characters of the show.

Buster mentions his Mother in the episode, Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow, when he tells Elmyra, "My Mother told me never to talk to strangers", which may imply that his Mother was taking care of him at some point early in his life.

In a commercial for Tiny Toon Adventures fruit snacks, when Plucky Duck and Dizzy Devil crash their airplane into Buster's burrow, Buster mentions to Dizzy that he promised his parents he wouldn't make a mess. Towards the end of the commercial, Buster gets a phone call from his Mother telling him that she and his father are on their way home. Because this happened in a commercial, it is unclear whether or not it was meant to be canon.

Fan Rumors

There were numerous fan rumors of why Buster's parents are never shown. One of the main rumors is that they were killed in a plane crash, which is the reason why Buster has a fear of flying in Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian.

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